Corvo Bianco Building Guide | Witcher 3: Blood & Wine

Corvo Bianco Vineyard is a location in The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine. It is an abandoned estate you’ll receive as a reward early on in the game, which you can then upgrade and model to your liking.
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This guide will show you how to upgrade Corvo Bianco vineyard, what you’ll get for each upgrade.

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Witcher 3 Player Housing

Corvo Bianco is the first time we get to settle down in The Witcher 3. The manor and vineyard can act as a home to Geralt, where he can rest between adventures, prepare for new ones and invite friends to spend time with.

You’ll unlock it pretty early on. The duchess will ask you to solve a monster problem and offer the old vineyard as reward. After you finish the quest, the estate will be all yours. You’ll be able to repair and upgrade it by following the No Place Like Home quest.

Decorative Trophies for Geralt’s Vineyard

blood and wine house decoration trophyThe master bedroom can be decorated with trophies. These aren’t the regular monster trophies you get for slaying beasts – they’re special trophies obtained in special ways. There are three slots for placing them, at the foot of the bed. If you’d like to get them yourself, check out our guide on How to Get Trophy for Geralt’s Vineyard Corvo Bianco.

Where to find paintings in Blood and Wine

The manor has several places where paintings are meant to be hanged. This can be a bit frustrating at first, since you won’t have any. You can get them by solving side quests and visiting art merchants. In case you’ve saved it, you can also use art from the base game and the previous DLC, like:
  • Starry Night Over the Pontar
  • Hierarch Hemmelfart
  • Portrait of Iris and Olgierd
paintings in blood and wine
If you want to collect some artwork for your estate, we suggest you check out our guide on Where to find paintings in Blood and Wine.

Corvo Bianco Base Upgrades

As soon as the keys have changed hands, a servant will move in. Talking to him will allow you to renovate the estate, but you’ll have to pay up. The renovations aren’t cheap (the early ones cost about 5000 orens), but they’re substantial. Here’s a list of upgrades we know will be available for certain:

NameDescriptionPriceRepair time
Initial renovationsSeveral weapon and armor stands, places to hang paintings, basement access500036h
Armourer’s TableAllow you to buff your armor100024h
GrindstoneAllow you to buff your weapons100024h
BookshelfIncreases combat experience gain after readingFree/
Alchemy labBombs and oils get an additional charge, allows breaking down of mutagensFree/
BedIncreases the Vitality boost from sleeping100024h
StableIncreases Roache’s stamina after resting200048h
GreenhouseAllows you to grow alchemical plants200048h
Guest RoomAllows you to have friends over100048h
Additional weapon racksMore place to display weapons50024h
Additional armor standsMore place to display armor sets50024h
You’ll also be able to decorate the house yourself, by hanging paintings and displaying impressive suits on armor stands.