How to Go Back to Temple of Time Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to go back to Temple of Time in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is the question that you will ask yourself once you reach the snowy region. This task is not easy at all because you’ll need to use Zonai device. Another solution is to walk all the way down through the snow. In this guide we’ll help you reach Temple of time from different shrines on the Great Sky Island.

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How to go back to Temple of Time Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
How to go back to Temple of Time Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to go back to Temple of Time from the snowy region in Great Sky Island next to Gutanbac Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

When you exit the Gutanbac Shrine you’ll see a huge hollow tree trunk in front of you to the right. Just bellow it to the left you’ll notice something that almost looks like a runaway. Go towards the tree trunk and use your Ascend ability to teleport yourself in front of the tree trunk. Inside the trunk there’s a small Zonai chest, where you can pick up your first cold resistance piece of armor. With this armor you won’t need cold resistance food for the Great Sky Island.

Turn left after you exit the tree trunk and you’ll see something that looks like stone gliders. They are on something that can only be described as a launch pad or a glider runaway. These stone gliders are Zonai devices called wing. Your goal is to use the Ultrahand ability to place the Zonai glider inside the rail of the launch pad. Then, you need to stand on top of the glider. It will start moving down the runaway and once you cross the edge you’ll be gliding. If you stand in the center of the glider you’ll just keep going straight. If you move around the glider a bit you can actually steer it left or right. Aim for the big lake in front of the Temple of Time. Once over it jump into the water and you won’t get fall damage if you hit the water.

Alternative is to walk to the southeast of the shrine. You can climb down next to the waterfall there. Don’t jump down into water in the snowy part of the map. It’s too cold and you’ll die instantly. If you stick to the right shore of the waterfall you’ll be able to cross into the non-cold portion of the Great Sky Island and reach Temple of Time on foot.

map road how to get to Temple of Time Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Map road for how to get to Temple of Time

How to get to the Temple of Time from Nachoyah Shrine in the Great Sky Island in Zelda Tears of Kingdom

To get to the Temple of Time from the fourth shrine in the Great Sky Island – Nachoyah Shrine you can teleport to one of the shrines next to the Temple or better yet go outside the cave the shrine is in and you’ll find a runaway for Zonai glider devices. Put one into the groove in the runaway facing downhill. Jump on top of the glider and it should launch into the air with you standing on it. Move around the glider’s surface to steer it towards the big lake next to the Temple of Time and then jump once you’re over the lake because landing in water negates fall damage.

How to get back to Temple of Time once you reach Hyrule

On the map you can press the up and down D-pad buttons to choose whether you’re looking at Ground, Sky or Underground. Choose Sky and the Great Sky Island is a bit to the southeast from the center of the map. Zoom in until you see the shrines you’ve unlocked on the Great Sky Island and teleport there by pressing A on the controller. From there you should know how to get to the Time Temple.

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