Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike Guide

Inverted Spire is the Nightfall Strike for the week of September 12th-19th in Destiny 2. If you’ve played the beta, you’ll know the strike layout from there – it’s pretty much the same, but the modifiers spice it up. This week’s modifiers are Prism and Timewarp: Rings. The latter makes the challenge much easier, especially if you have experience with the level from playing the beta – our team managed to beat it on the first try. We’ve made this guide to show you how to complete Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike.

destiny 2 inverted spire nightfall strike
Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike Guide

Inverted Spire Nightfall Modifiers – September 12th-19th

  • Prism – You’ve already seen this one in the previous nightfall (Arms Dealer). It makes you do more damage when you use a weapon that matches the focused element. The focused element rotates periodically, so you should always keep an eye on the log in the bottom left part of the screen. Elements that aren’t focused do less damage, while kinetic isn’t affected.
  • Timewarp: Rings – There are Vex time gates all across the area. When you pass through them, you’ll get +30 seconds on your timer.

Team composition is really important here, due to Prism. Make sure each team member has a super with a different element, so you have all three covered. Also try to equip weapons that completement your super (if the super does void, equip solar and arc weapons in your energy and power slots). If you don’t have appropriate weapons, you can use blue mods to change the type of damage they do.

How to complete Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike?

In order to beat this week’s nightfall, you’ll have to coordinate with your fireteam. We’ve already talked about team composition – that’s one of the two most important factors here. The other are the time gates. You need to activate as many as you can – nightfall strikes usually end badly when players run out of time, which is really easy to avoid here.

When you first start the mission, you’ll have to deal with several groups of enemies. Make sure you call out whenever the focused element changes, so everyone can use appropriate stuff on the elite mobs. Just keep plowing through their ranks until you reach The Anchor (that’s the cave area after you travel via Vex launchers). You’ll see your first time gate here – activate it, then have one player collect the ones on the left, and another the ones on the right.

Once you’re out on the cliffs of Excavation Site VII, you can just ignore the enemies. You’ll leave the cave with 10-11 minutes on the clock, so just jump down to ground level, call up your sparrows and head for the drilling site. There’s another batch of time gates there, and two officers you’ll have to take care of – one in each bunker. Make sure you’re using the right kind of damage.

Pull the switches to activate the jumping platforms, and get to the drill. Once you jump down, you’ll have to deal with a whole bunch of enemies while you wait for the transit system to reorient. Save your grenades for the dog packs, and your supers for the elite enemies. When you jump again, you’ll end up near the drill. Ignore the enemies before it, as you don’t have to deal with them.

There’s a bunch of time gates around the drill, in all three rows. If you’re willing to take a risk, you can collect them by taking one row each. When the first player enters the boss chamber, the other two will be teleported there. If you want to collect all the time gates, make sure not to enter the room too soon.

How to defeat Modular Mind in Nightfall Strike?

The boss behaves the same as in the regular strike. There are three phases, and the floor disappears between each two. Save your supers for the last stage – use grenades and appropriate weapons before that. He has a specific attack during the second phase, which does damage to everyone on the ground. Try to stay airborne when he does that.


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