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Places of Power are special shrines in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Drawing from each of them for the first time grants you an ability point which can be used for developing skills.
Drawing from them after that gives you temporary bonus intensity for a certain sign. They are scattered all over the Northern Realms, often in hard to reach places or guarded by strong enemies. In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of all the Places of Power and tell you which sign each of them boosts.

The increased sign intensity is nice to have, but you’ll mostly be doing this for the skill points – there are too many skills and too little points in the game, so hunting down each and every one of them will be important.

Place of Power Locations

  1. White Orchard Places Of Power – White Orchard is the starting area of the game where you can collect 6 Places of power.
  2. Velen Places Of Power. You can collect 4 ability points in Velen.
  3. Novigrad Places of Power. There are only two Places of Power in this area.
  4. Skellige Isles Places Of Power. There are seven magic stones in Skellige.

9 thoughts on “Place Of Power

    1. Chuchu

      Oh one more thing, are you sure this is all?, I found one in the cave with the quest of finiding ciri with keira

  1. McDebris

    Warning spoilers:

    A other place of power: Aard Sign. in the mission space of time, The second world (green one with red plants). You can see the place of power from the exit portal (the one you need to enter to leave the world)

    * Playing on xbox, sorry no screen shot.


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