Anthem Patch to Fix PS4 Crashing Issue Coming Next Week

BioWare has discovered several issues with the game that have been causing the crashes on PlayStation 4. They’ll be releasing a patch meant to address the most pressing of the issues next week. Also, according to them, the errors haven’t actually been bricking consoles. Apparently, there is a way to fix it for everyone.

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Anthem Patch to Fix PS4 Crashing Issue Coming Next Week
Anthem Patch to Fix PS4 Crashing Issue Coming Next Week

As I’m sure you’ve already heard (and as we’ve covered previously), Anthem has been having a rough time on the PS4, causing system crashes, and, according to some people, outright bricking the console. Well, if you’re in that boat, you might be happy to know that they’ve found the issue. Several of them, in fact, according to BioWare’s head of live service, Chad Robertson. In a recent tweet, he announced that they’ll be rolling out the fixes for “the top issues” next week. These tweets echo what has been said in a live stream on Anthem’s Twitch channel.

What’s interesting (and, indeed, necessary) to note is that in this and a previous tweet, Robertson claims that the game isn’t actually bricking people’s consoles. He wrote: “After thorough review, we have not encountered an instance where Anthem has “bricked” a PS4 console.” In fact, he even provides a kind of fix: “If you encounter a game crash where your PS4 console won’t respond, you can manually power down and restart it – no risk of damage.” So, yeah. According to Robertson, there’s no risk of your console dying.

Of course, this is not the only thing that might be causing you trouble in the game. If you are struggling with something, check out our list of Anthem guides, including How to Switch Weapons, Legendary Weapon Disappeared – Legion of Dawn Not Showing Up – How to Fix, and How to Equip Banners & What They Do.

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