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Extortion File 13 3 Map Location

Enigma Extortion File Thirteen

Collecting all Extortion Files collected under number 13 will unlock additional information under Enigma’s profile. We did the searching for you and have screenshots and maps and detailed explanation on how to find all of Enigma datapacks in Coventry for this collection.

Enigma Datapacks Extortion Files

Enigma Extortion File Locations

Collectiong Enigma datapacks will help you decipher Extortion Files scattered all over the game. We located as many as we could and created screenshots guides to help you find any that you might have missed.

batman arkham origins tv spot animated gif

Batman TV spots

Arkham Origins is just a few days before a global launch and advertising campaigns for it are in full swing. Official game youtube channel has been releasing promotional videos for the game.