AC Valhalla Asgard Wealth - Ymir Tear Stone Locations

Ymir’s tear stones are collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. They’re exclusively found in Asgard, as a wealth collectible. There’s thirty of them in total, and collecting them all will allow you to make an offering at an alter and receive a paltry reward of five skill points. If you’re having trouble finding some of them, our AC Valhalla Asgard Wealth guide will show you all Ymir tear stone locations.

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ac valhalla asgard wealth ymir tear stone locations
AC Valhalla Asgard Wealth – Ymir Tear Stone Locations

Ymir’s Tear Stone Locations Map

The stones are scattered across the six islands, and there’s at least one on each. They’re usually hidden in chests, and there’s a brief puzzle you have to complete for each. Usually it’s just a matter of finding the right way to reach the chest – blowing up a wall, finding a key, breaking the barred door lock, diving. Sometimes there’s a sunstone puzzle where you have to use light beams to solve it. Here’s a map showing you where to find all 30 of them:

ac valhalla ymir tear stone locations map

Indre Holm Wealth – Locked Door

If there’s a locked door blocking you from getting the only tear stone on Indre Holm, you just have to wait. The door will open during the Big Finish quest, so you just have to keep playing through the story until it’s available.

Utangard Chasm Ymir’s Tear Stone – Litamiotvitr

In order to get this one, you’ll have to complete a certain world event first. You can pick it up in the north part of the big southern island. Simply go to the marker, and follow the deer. Other deer will join you on your trek – keep following. At the end of the road, they’ll disappear, and the chest with the stone will appear.

ymir's tear stone near Utangard Chasm ac valhalla

And if you prefer video, you can find all Ymir’s Tear Stones in the one below (the ones we’ve written about are numbers 27 and 30):

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  1. P

    For the article of Asgard Wealth for AC Valhalla, you might also want to add in that number 29 cannot be obtained after completing the story for asgard, as there is a barrier that prevents the wolf from getting out and from you getting in. I wish I had known this earlier as I had decided to do the story first and then go for wealth, it was a mistake.

    1. M

      I just came across that myself.

    2. C

      If it’s too late for you, hopefully this will help someone else but I was able to cheese my way through the barrier with my mount. I rode it as far as I could into the barrier, it’s head was through as well as about half of it’s body, then I dismounted. Then it took a step or two forward and it was still close enough for me to mount and I kinda just lept through the barrier. Here’s hoping this works for you too!

      1. B
        Bobby Jacoby

        I had the same problem, used your method and went right in. Thank you

      2. B

        Thank you for this! You were such a great help. This worked for me.

      3. N
        Nicole Coyne

        I just did this exact thing and it worked wonderfully! Thank you!

      4. P

        I love you, thanks!

      5. J

        Holy crap that worked thanks

      6. S

        Thank you running the mount in then remounting it behind the blockage worked

      7. E

        Thank you, lifesaver!

      8. B
        Bradley Danner

        Thankyou so much saved me lol

    3. P

      I’ve been searching and searching and searching for an answer as to why I couldn’t go into that cave and grab the wealth now I finally know thank you

    4. K
      Kye Morgan

      AAAAAAhhhhh!!!! That’s what happened to me too! Dammit!

    5. A
      Adam Hendershot

      I have 29 tears I beat the wolf twice. Can’t find 30 did I mess up.Thanks

    6. C

      For some reason there was no barrier for me. I collected 29 tears and then did the story. After the wolf part i found the 30th one behind the red door with the runes. It showed on the map but was still locked.

  2. M

    Number 26 is not there for some reason, any idea as to why its not spawned?

    1. H

      You need to progress further through the Asgard story and it takes you there as part of it with the chest spawned

    1. A

      Just had the same problem any solution yet?

    2. H

      I’m having the same issue. Tried reloaded a save but I don’t even have all those tall flowers in here either

  3. B
    Bret Berezay

    27 is an issue for me, is this a glitch? Ok

  4. M

    Cant find any reindeer. Looked all over

  5. D

    It’s possible to glitch it if you keep pushing into one corner of the barrier while on your mount untill camera angle starts changing then dismount and continue walking into corner pushing mount just through enough to remount on other side hope it helps sorry writing this on phone that’s cracked

  6. F

    Hey thanks for the tip, I was so pissed to not be able to finish the quest because of this problem but doing the technique of dismounting, mounting and dismounting worked !!

  7. R
    Richie Fraser

    I did this and it worked!

  8. R

    So, after hours trying to get number 9, followed this guide and got it on the first attempt. Thanks!!!

  9. K

    OMG! Thank you so much, I’ve been going crazy trying to get in.

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