AC Valhalla Statue with 3 Slits - Thor's Helmet Location

Statue with 3 Slits in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the key to finding the Thor’s Helmet location, if you can figure out how to solve its puzzle. The statue has three large slits where something may fit, something like a dagger. So, to get Thor’s Helmet in AC Valhalla, you have to find three daggers to put into the statue. As it turns out, that’s easier said than done, because you have to beat three difficult bosses on the way. In our AC Valhalla Statue with 3 Slits – Thor’s Helmet Location guide, we’re going to show you where to find the statue, how to get Thor’s Helmet, and more.

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AC Valhalla Statue with 3 Slits - Thor's Helmet Location
AC Valhalla Statue with 3 Slits – Thor’s Helmet Location

Statue with 3 Slits in AC Valhalla – How to Get Thor’s Helmet

The AC Valhalla Statue with 3 Slits says “This statue has three large slits. Something may fit here. A knife… or a dagger?” when you examine it. Make sure to read every single note strewn about the place, and you’ll learn about the Daughters of Ealdorman Lerion and his three daughters. They are, indeed, the key to this whole conundrum. You have to find the three Daughters of Lerion, who are actually Mysteries around England. Specifically, two of them are in East Anglia, and one is in Grantebridgescire.

ac valhalla statue with 3 slits thors helmet location map
Daughters of Lerion locations

Goneril is in the northeast of Grantebridgescire, in Spalda Fens, and she’s Level 70. She likes to zip around, teleport, and even sometimes duplicate. Upon defeat, she drops Goneril’s Dagger and Thor’s Breeches.

Regan is in the northeast of East Anglia, in Walsham Crag, and she’s level 90. She also has a fondness for teleporting around, and turns to fire attacks after you get her to half health. On defeat, she drops Regan’s Dagger and Thor’s Battle Plate.

Cordelia is in the west of East Anglia, in Berkelow Bog, and her level is a whopping 340. She’s very quick and can summon lightning, but poison seems to be good against her. On defeat, she drops Cordelia’s Dagger and Thor’s Gauntlet.

After you defeat all three Daughters of Lerion, go back to the Statue with 3 Slits. Interact with it and put all the daggers in. The statue will crumble, revealing another passage. Loot everything in sight, especially the ornate chest at the end of the hallway. That’s where you get Thor’s Helmet in AC Valhalla. After that, you can defeat all the members of the Order of the Ancients to get Mjolnir and complete your Thor cosplay.

How to Beat Daughters of Lerion in AC Valhalla – Thor’s Hemet & Statue with 3 Slits

To beat the Daughters of Lerion and solve the Statue with 3 Slits and get Thor’s Helmet in AC Valhalla, you have to use the same basic strategy. Dodge their red attacks at all costs, and make sure to parry like a god. Every parry will allow you to get in at least a few precious, free strikes in. Never get greedy; only attack when you’re absolutely certain that you can. Use Poison against Regan and Cordelia to make things easier. Goneril is immune to it, but she’s the lowest level of the three, so that’s fine. With some practice, you’ll be able to take them all down. Good luck.

Where to Find Statue With 3 Slits Location – AC Valhalla Thor’s Helmet

To find the Statue with 3 Slits in AC Valhalla and begin your journey towards the Thor’s Helmet location, you need to go to the east of East Anglia. Head for the armor icon southeast of Northwic. Now, the treasure is underground, so you need to find the entrance. To do that, head north of the actual icon and into the Roman ruins. Look for the large, decrepit fountain surrounded by wooden stakes. When you find it, head north of it and down the stairs. Follow the hallway from there, and make sure to pick everything up on the way, especially the notes. At the end of the path, you’ll find a huge, horned statue, aka the Statue with 3 Slits.

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