AC Valhalla King Harald - Gorm Decision Birthrights - Kill Him, Banish Him, You Decide

AC Valhalla Gorm decision is the first choice you’ll have to make in the quest Birthrights. It’s the one where you go to a meeting with King Harald, who will ask you to decide whether to kill or banish Gorm, and he’ll ask you a personal question about your allegiances. If you don’t know how to answer, and are afraid the wrong answer might make things worse for you, our AC Valhalla Gorm decision guide will help you decide whether to kill or banish Gorm in Birthrights quest for King Harald.

ac valhalla birthrights kill him banish him you decide
AC Valhalla Birthrights – Kill him, Banish him, You Decide

AC Valhalla Gorm Decision – Kill Him or Banish Him

During the assembly in AC Valhalla, Gorm will appear out of nowhere to plead his case. King Harald won’t be happy about it, as he’s sure Gorm is lying through his teeth. He’ll delegate the decision to you, though. He’ll ask you what to do with the wretch, and you’ll have the options to suggest murder, exile or humbly telling the king it’s his decision to make.

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The good news is you can let down your guard and answer however you like. Whatever you feel is the proper answer will be good enough – the king Harald will decide on his own either way, the only difference being a sentence or two of dialogue that changes depending on your choice.

Seek Valhalla, bound to Sigurd, do not know my fate?

After Sigurd makes a stink about his father pledging alegiance to King Harald, the ruler will ask you whether you’d be interested in joining his clan. You’ll have the option of telling him you seek Valhalla, that you’re bound to Sigurd or that you don’t know what your fate is.

Once again, this is largely for roleplaying purposes. Whichever you pick, the game will go on as planned – you can’t change your path with this dialogue choice. So just choose whatever you feel suits Eivor best, knowing there are no wrong answers.

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