AC Valhalla Take Resources to England or Styrbjorn - Seas of Fate Choice

Seas of Fate is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s one of the quests where you’re offered a choice, and it’s an impactful one. During the assemlby with Sigurd, you’ll have to choose whether to take resources to England, or leave them to Styrbjorn. Choosing what to do with Kjotve’s loot will decide how much supplies you get for your journey, but also how Styrbjorn sees you off. If you’re having trouble deciding, our AC Valhalla take resources to England or Styrbjorn guide will show you the consequences of both choices.

ac valhalla take resources to england or styrbjorn seas of fate choice
AC Valhalla Take Resources to England or Styrbjorn – Seas of Fate Choice

Take resources to England

If you pick this option, Eivor and Sigurn will agree that the loot from the raid on Kjotve belongs to you, and that Styrbjorn will get financial aid from his new king. You’ll get 600 supplies and 20 raw materials before your journey, and Styrbjorn will be disappointed with both of you – particularly Eivor, as he’ll see this as a betrayal, a bitter thanks for the way he welcomed Eivor into his home and his life.

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Leave resources for Styrbjorn

If you choose to leave the resources to Styrbjorn, Sigurn will agree that it’s the right choice, since England will have more than enough riches for you. You’ll get 300 supplies and 20 raw materials before you set sail, and Stybjorn will be sad to see you leave, but he’ll tell you, in a fatherly tone, to be his son’s better half.

We still don’t know whether Styrbjorn’s opinion of you will have any tangible effect down the line, and we’ll make sure to update the guide when we find out. In the meantime, if cold, hard cash is your main concern, you should pick the first option. If you don’t want to sour the relationship with your foster father, pick the second.

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