AC Valhalla Blind & Lame Man - Clee Hill Spring Sciropescire Mystery

The Clee Hill Spring Sciropescire Mystery in AC Valhalla requires you to help a lame man and a blind man reach the miraculous water. Supposedly, it’s going to cure their ails. Of course, when you arrive to Clee Hill Spring, you have no idea what exactly you should do. Plus, neither the blind nor the lame man are in places that are exactly easy to find. On top of that, I bet you’re wondering what happens after you solve the Clee Hill Spring Sciropescire Mystery. That’s what we’ll be discussing in our AC Valhalla Blind & Lame Man – Clee Hill Spring Sciropescire Mystery guide.

ac valhalla blind & lame man clee hill spring sciropescire mystery
AC Valhalla Blind & Lame Man – Clee Hill Spring Sciropescire Mystery

Where to Find Blind & Lame Man in Clee Hill Spring Sciropescire Mystery?

The lame man in the Clee Hill Spring Sciropescire Mystery in AC Valhalla is to the north of the spring, down the hill. Pick him up and carry him back to the pond, and chuck him inside. Then, get onto your horse and follow the path to the west. You’ll see some stone ruins on the right, and that’s where the blind man is. Offer him help, then get on your horse and ride back to the spring. You can walk, too, to avoid a potential glitch. Dismount, and a cutscene will ensue. When the dialogue choice comes up, say “I have a suggestion.” They’ll come to a morbidly comical understanding and be on their way.

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Now, you might be wondering, what happens afterwards? Well, if you choose to follow them, they’ll take you all the way to the river, and a little bit across, to the outskirts of Quatford. That’s to the north of Clee Hill Spring. The hike takes about twenty minutes or so, since they’re understandably slow. And quiet through the whole thing.

lame & blind man ac valhalla sciropescire mystery clee hill spring
The pair walk to Quatford and then just stop

In the end, they stop and bicker for two seconds. Then they just stand there. It’s absolutely not worth the trouble. The AC Valhalla Clee Hill Spring Sciropescire Mystery with the lame and blind man ends after they begin their journey, so don’t bother.

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  1. T
    Timothy Williams

    After carrying the lame man to the spring, I go through the dialogue with the blind man but he just doesn’t follow me. I tried reloading, quitting to main menu, fast traveling and coming back, nothing seems to work. Any thoughts or advice ?

    1. S

      I have this problem too… anyone find a fix?

    2. A
      Andrew Walters

      Same thing happened to me. I reloaded from an autosave just before I started the event, and went to the blind man first. After you finish talking to him where you find him, start jogging away and he should follow (didn’t try riding, just ran him up).

  2. C

    After you carry him to the spring, you have to walk to some ruins east of the spring where the blind man is located. Then you’ll bring that blind man to the same location. Problem solved. If you’re curious about the blind and lame men’s fate when they were walking to the outskirts of town, you’d have to follow them for 20 minutes and then watch them argue after they cross the river. Honestly, it was a waste of my time, but the arguing between them reminds me of this movie “Grumpy Ol’ Men”

  3. J
    Joe Spinelli

    Call a mount around the blind guy and he’ll ride around him. He’ll eventually get on.

    1. J
      Joe Spinelli

      …and ride around him. He’s not riding anything without your help haha

  4. R

    Those jerks stole my mount!

    1. W

      Good to know we weren’t the only ones lol. Saw them trotting off on the wolf and I hope they are doing well

    2. M

      I killed my wolf when the blind guy stole it, I wasnt letting him have it!

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