AC Valhalla Bullhead Location Elisdon Altar

Bullhead in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a type of fish that you can catch in the game, which is necessary for the Elisdon Altar in Grantebridgescire. The bad news is that bullhead aren’t exactly the most common fish in AC Valhalla. The good news is that the best bullhead location in AC Valhalla is just to the east of the altar. We’ll show you exactly where it is in our AC Valhalla Bullhead Location Elisdon Altar guide.

ac valhalla bullhead location
AC Valhalla Bullhead Location Elisdon Altar

Where to Find Bullhead for Elisdon Altar AC Valhalla?

To find Bullhead for AC Valhalla Elisdon Altar, there are several places you can look, and arguably the best one is just to the east of the Elisdon Altar in Grantebridgescire. That’s the place that asks you to sacrifice ten small Bullhead. We’ve marked the general area where we think this particular fish is the most abundant on the map below; you can basically go from Wayfarer’s Wharf to the fast travel icon to the east of it. I mean, you can even try to go as far west as Ravensthorpe, but we don’t necessarily recommend that.

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where to find bullhead locations ac valhalla
Bullhead are most abundant in this area

Now, what you want to do is to row a boat to about the middle of the river, and use your Odin Vision to spot any fish that might be around. Look for the fish without the fin; those with a more pronounced fin are perch, and that’s not what we’re after right now. Also, you can use either the fishing line to catch fish at the bullhead location in AC Valhalla, or you can shoot them with your bow. We highly recommend using the line, because arrows make them scatter, making things unnecessarily complicated.

Incidentally, this stretch of river houses mostly medium and small bullhead, and you need specifically ten small ones for the Elisdon Altar. They do need to be the same size, so that might prolong your fishing trip somewhat. But, all in all, now you know where to find the best AC Valhalla Elisdon Altar bullhead location. Happy fishing, everyone!

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