AC Valhalla Chipping Away - Weaken Eadwyn's Hold on Oxenefordscire

Chipping Away is one of the main quests in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s the one where you have to weaken Eadwyn’s hold on Oxenefordscire. You do this by running around the area, destroying supply carts and helping fyrds, warriors in need. There’s a bar you need to fill up – doing enough of these tasks will fill it, and you’ll be able to proceed. If you’re wondering where exactly to find them, our AC Valhalla Chipping Away guide will show you.

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ac valhalla chipping away quest
AC Valhalla Chipping Away – Weaken Eadwyn’s Hold on Oxenefordscire

Supply cart & help the fyrd locations

There are six of these locations around Oxenefordscire. Each supply cart will fill up around 15-20% of the bar, while helping a fyrd gives you around 20-25%. Completing four or five should be enough to complete the objective, no matter which ones you pick. Here’s a map showing the locations we found:

ac valhalla chipping away supply cart fyrd locations

The carts are the easier ones, obviously – all you have to do is shoot an arrow at the red clay pot in the cart, and it’ll blow up. Helping the fyrds isn’t that difficult either, it just takes a bit longer. Keep an eye on that bar after completing each task – if it doesn’t fill up, make sure you restart the game. If that doesn’t help, you’ll probably want to reload an earlier save.

Can’t enter the hall to reach Buckingham’s longhouse

Once you’ve filled the bar, you’ll get a new objective – to reach Buckingham’s longhouse. Some players are reporting being unable to enter the hall, even though that’s where they’re supposed to go. If this happens to you, restarting the game should clear it up.

Most of the bugs in the game can be solved this way. The exception are the more serious ones, like the Unwelcome bug, that prevents you from playing the game entirely.

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  1. B

    Thank you for the locations, I could not find them to save a life and I went ahead with the story without doing this one and became afraid i could not finish it after i stormed the castle.
    Lucky me, you can finish it after the castle fight. You just need to go to the locations above! Thank you again.

    1. Q
      Quintin Jackson

      when reaching the long house bug it is difficult to restart especially when most players just decided to go do something else. Imagine being 80hrs into the game and being asked to restart it from scratch because the original save point doesn’t exist. Imagine getting excalibur and asking to start from scratch before that even happened. It is not a simple fix especially when nobody knew it was a bug when they first got the game

  2. J

    Thanks bro, it helped a lot..

  3. O

    During the chipping away quest, I started and got to the halfway point while being frustrated. Now I finished the attack on the castle and the chipping away quest won’t disappear.

  4. K
    Kaylin McEwan

    There is a fyrd northeast of St Albanes abbey 260 M south from Sigurd across the river from Lindforda. Where your cursor is. Perhaps you meant us to assume that is where it is instead of outlining that in red. I would change that.

  5. T
    Tom schellens

    Hey all. Well i restarted 7 times now for a other checkpoint but the bar is always filled for 90% with nothing else left to destroy help me out please 😁

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