AC Valhalla Cruel Destiny Quest - Unlock The Outer Gate

A Cruel Destiny is one of the early quests in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s the one where you storm the castle and confront Gorm. There’s a section where you’re supposed to unlock the gates, so your warriors can get in and wreak havoc. The problem is, the gates can only be unlocked from the inside, and you’re on the outside. If you’re wondering how to unlock the outer gate, or how to unlock the final gate, our AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny quest guide will show you both.

ac valhalla cruel destiny quest unlock outer gate
AC Valhalla Cruel Destiny Quest – Unlock The Outer Gate

How to unlock outer gate?

After you defeat Kjolve, you’ll face another enemy – a giant wooden gate that’s locked from the inside. You’ll have to open it for your guys, but you won’t be able to scale the walls like you usually do. Presumably because this is some special kind of grip-resistant wood.

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Instead of wasting time looking for another entrance, or a secret passage, take a few steps back. You’ll notice a bunch of your viking buddies bringing ladders against the walls and climbing up them. Approach one and climb it yourself, then find a way down from the palisade and open the door.

How to unlock final gate?

The walls around the final gate are much lower, but still unscalable. What you want to do is climb up the steep roof of the neary longhouse, then use the rope to get to the watchtower. There’s another rope there that will let you onto hte palisade. From there, you just need to drop down and destroy the log blocking the door, then open it.

This will open up the way for the mighty warriors of the Raven clan to enter the inner part of the fort and confront Gorm, your true enemy.

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