AC Valhalla Sjaleng Outlook Treasure Chest

Sjaleng Outlook is one of the locations in Assasin’s Creed Valhalla. It can be found in the Rygjafylke area, and there’s a wealth marker in it. When you get there, you’ll realize the wealth marker points to a treasure chest atop a frozen tower. Reaching the top of the tower can be a bit tricky, since the game doesn’t really explain what’s required of you. If you’re having trouble reaching it, this guide will show you how to get treasure chest at Sjaleng Outlook in AC Valhalla.

ac valhalla sjaleng outlook treasure chest
AC Valhalla Sjaleng Outlook Treasure Chest

How to get treasure chest at Sjaleng Outlook?

The marker will lead you to the conspicuous frozen tower in the middle of the outpost. Your gut reaction will probably be to try and climb the tower, but that won’t work. Eivor flat out refuses to climb frozen surfaces, and the tower is almost completely encased in ice.

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If you look up to the cliff above the camp, you’ll notice a platform there, and a zipline going from it to the other, functional tower. Scale the cliff and approach the rope – a button propmt should pop up, letting you ride the zipline. Once you approach the frozen tower, press Triangle (Y on Xbox) to drop down. You need to do it before you reach the tower, because you’ll keep a bit of your forward momentum when you let go, and you don’t want to botch the landing and have to do it all over again.

The problem with this one is that the game doesn’t tell you how to let go of the rope before reaching the end. You’d be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t possible at all. A prompt while riding the rope would’ve been a nice courtesy – maybe it’ll be added in an update after the devs notice how many folks are struggling with this.

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  1. T
    Tony Egg

    Is it possible to find the deserter the outpost leader is yelling about?

    1. H

      Yes! In fact you find the guy sleeping and then sleepwalking close to the lookout behind Valkas Hut. Follow him until he wakes up and talk to him to solve a world event.

      1. S

        You’re a hero Sir. Was trying to find him for ages. I went to Valkas over the mountain top instead of horseback so only came across the lookout on the way back. Thank you!

        1. S

          I found the deserter before i found the outpost leader so she still yelling about him…

          1. L

            Same here, its so unfortunate I went back to see if maybe he ‘respawned’ in the same place and I can prompt him to go back but no. Unsatisfying!

  2. S

    You can also crawl up the rope bound pole next to the tower and jump across from there.

  3. W

    I climbe up to get tge treasure with no problem.
    Found this looking about missing guy at lookout to see what Im suppose to do. Look around for him, but where?

  4. B

    You can climb this tower using the frozen ladder on the side of it. No timing the jump from the rope necessary.

  5. A

    You can totally climb the tower there’s handholds and ropes all over it dude ??

  6. M

    I found the sleeping guy followed him. Went back to the outpost and she is still saying he should come back. He’s disappeared.

    1. E

      I found the guy before this part also
      And he ran off. She’s still yelling. So probably bugged?

      1. S

        Yep same here, found the guy buy she is still yelling..? So probably bug?

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