AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok Release Time

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok is almost here, and fans of the series are impatiently waiting to enter the next chapter of Eivor’s saga. In what Ubisoft calls the “most ambitious expansion in franchise history” we will be playing as Odin himself, on a mission to rescue our son. On that journey, we will visit the mythical dwarven realm of Svartalfheim, fight against Jotnars and Muspels, and use a set of brand-new god-like powers. If you can’t wait to jump into this new world of Norse mythology, here’s the exact AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok release time.

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AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok Release Time
At what time does AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok unlock?

What Time Does AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok Come Out?

Ubisoft hasn’t officially specified AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok launch time. But, since we know the game’s official launch date, which is March 10th 2022, we know at what time Dawn of Ragnarok releases on consoles. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok will launch at midnight local time on both Xbox and PlayStation families of consoles. If you want to be 100% sure at what time the game unlocks in your time zone, see the list below.

  • March 10 – 12 AM PT
  • March 10 – 12 AM CT
  • March 10 – 12 AM ET
  • March 10 – 12 AM COT
  • March 10 – 12 AM BRT
  • March 10 – 12 AM GMT
  • March 10 – 12 AM CET
  • March 10 – 12 AM EET
  • March 10 – 12 AM SAST
  • March 10 – 12 AM MSK
  • March 10 – 12 AM AST
  • March 10 – 12 AM GST
  • March 10 – 12 AM UTC+7
  • March 10 – 12 AM UTC+8
  • March 10 – 12 AM KST
  • March 10 – 12 AM JST
  • March 10 – 12 AM AEDT
  • March 10 – 12 AM NZDT

When it comes to PC, AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok is available on Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store. But, the exact release times are not officially revealed. Nonetheless, we expect AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok to unlock on PC either at midnight your local time, or at midnight GMT around the world, which is 1 AM CET, 7 PM ET, and 4 PM PT. If Ubisoft releases official times, we will update the article.

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    Justin Rivers

    It’s currently 12:38 and still can’t play it it doesn’t show anything new to do So I’m confused

  2. C

    You either have a typo or don’t understand how time zones work cause if it’s 1AM in Paris France it’s 7AM in the Eastern time zone not 7PM and 4AM in the pacific time zone not 7PM… try proof reading before publishing

    1. I think you are confused. And you can check the times online if you want. When it’s midnight in Paris France, it’s 6 PM in New York. There is a six hours difference between CET and ET, and CET comes before ET. The time in the article is correct.

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