Elden Ring Prayerbook, Who to Give Prayerbook to After Corhyn Leaves

If you don’t know who to give a prayerbook to after Corhyn leaves in Elden Ring, we’ve got your back. While you can go out and find Corhyn in the vast wilderness, there is also another NPC that can turn prayerbooks into Incantations and sell them to you instead. So, let’s show you where to take prayerbooks after Corhyn leaves in Elden Ring.

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elden ring prayerbook who to give prayerbook to after corhyn leaves
Elden Ring Prayerbook, Who to Give Prayerbook to After Corhyn Leaves

Where to Take Prayerbook after Corhyn Leaves Elden Ring

There is one more NPC that you can give any prayerbook to in Elden Ring after Corhyn leaves Roundtable Hold. However, it bears mentioning that you can still find Corhyn out in the world. In fact, there’s a whole quest line connected to him. If you want to find the man of the cloth specifically for whatever reason, check out our Elden Ring Corhyn Locations guide. However, if you don’t want to further his quest, you don’t really have to. You can still beat the game normally.

So, if you don’t care for scouring the land for Corhyn, who can you turn to? Well, there’s a very interesting NPC in the Church of Vows. This location is on the east bank of the giant lake in Liurnia of the Lakes. In fact, it even has a site of grace nearby named after it (exact location provided below). The person to give any prayerbook to in Elden Ring after Corhyn leaves is the giant tortoise with a miter on its head that resides within the church. Its name is Miriel, Pastor of Vows, and it will gladly accept any prayerbook you give it and offer the spells that lie within.

Miriel’s prices are the same as Corhyn’s, and what’s more, the tortoise also offers Sorceries, not just Incantations. So, it can become your one-stop shop for all your magic needs. It also doesn’t hurt that Miriel is not as judgy when you bring prayerbooks from other religions, while Corhyn always complains.

Very early in your exploration of Elden Ring world you will find out that you need to prepare your character for different tasks. You'll need to learn how to use Ashes of War, how to two-hand weapons, or use magic spells during the course of your adventures. Many secrets are also waiting for you, such as, a hostile NPC Sellen that doesn't let you see her shop, an invisible man in a bush, or a huge turtle with a bell that lets you duplicate some very important items.

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