AC Valhalla Defensive Measures Mission Bugs, Builder

AC Valhalla Defensive Measures is one of the quests you can start in Asgard. It’s part of The Fate of the High One mission. You’ll have to find and speak to the Builder who will ask you to bring him several jars to build the barrier. We have to warn players that this quest is bugged, and most of the issues happen if you start this mission with low level character.

AC Valhalla Defensive Measures Mission Bugs

Bring the jars to the Builder bug solution

Jars can be easily found since they are scattered around huge pillars. Grab a blue jar and place them on the ground near the Builder. Some players reported a bug during this part of the quest. When they place the jars near the builder nothing happens. The only solution to this bug is to reload the save.

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Kill all invaders bug

Once you locate Jotnar patrol northwest of your location, you should bring invaders into the shield. But the shield is unstable, and it will start flickering. In that moment Invaders will be passing through the shield, and you have to defeat them all. The main issue here is that the player character also receives constant damage if you leave the circle. So, if your character is not strong enough because your level is too low, if you leave the circle and spawn on any other location your character will die. The developers are aware of this issue, and we are waiting for any updates.

Another problem with this quest is that enemies could go through the shield even if it’s green again, and there is no ending cutscene. Solution we found for this bug is to switch the game to English, or any other language, load the last save that doesn’t contain words “Defensive measures” and redo the quest. After the attack, an option will appear to speak to the Builder.

How to Get Back to AC Valhalla Asgard Bubble

If it should so happen that you go back to England during the bubble portion of the quest, and then go back to Asgard, you’re in a lot of trouble. Every time you go back to the realm of the gods, you’ll automatically be outside of the circle, and therefore start dying, fast. To get back into the bubble, you basically have to abuse the “reload latest save” feature, and then die repeatedly until you inch your way close to the bubble. Then, use all your rations and adrenaline topped with Blinding Rush to finally get inside. The Jotnar will start attacking again, but at least you won’t be dying.

Now, the quest will still remain bugged, and basically unbeatable, but there is a way to explore the rest of Asgard without dying. First, defeat all the enemies from inside the bubble, and save when you can. Then, go into settings and download absolutely any language pack that you want. Switch to that language pack, and the game will reload. As soon as that happens, press start and fast travel to any point in Asgard. If you’ve done everything correctly, you should now be able to run around the rest of Asgard without trouble.

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  1. S

    The game crashed mid way through the builder quest, now whenever I go to Asgard I can’t get to the circle in time because my life gets drained instantly. Help?!?

    1. L

      I have same problem

    2. D

      I’m so sick of this bug infested game. My system just finished installing the most recent 19GB update which I thought for sure this would be the one to fix all of my remaining problems I’ve encountered. Sadly, I was wrong. But I do have one solution. I’ll simply go outside with my copy and put 10 shotgun shells through it 🙂 There. Problem solved. This is the worst Assassin’s Creed ever, and I was anticipating it to be the best. Such a shame.

  2. E
    Evan Fojt

    i cant even get the jotnar to show up at all they spawn like a mile away from the circle and never walk to it they just sit there out of reach and quest is to never be able to finish can cyberpunk just come out and show ubi what a quality game is like jeez

    1. D

      This comment aged well ??

  3. T

    i found that if you have a save before you begin the builder quest, that you kan open de map and hover above the tower you can click wake up.

    1. E
      Ethan Chezem

      Thank you so much for this comment. I was so mad. My last save before this would have made me lose so much progress.

      1. D

        I was doing the missions under level then left Asgard but the game thinks I’m still in battle so I can’t save or fast travel. In addition whenever I go back to Asgard to finish the mission I immediately am killed by the tick damage. My game is pretty much as good as broken at this point.

  4. A

    And if I have not a save? What can I do? I’m going to finish the game, I don’t want to restart it

  5. O


  6. J

    I finished the quest supposedly, and nothing happened no end scene, nothing enemies pass through the green circle,and I can’t continue on the game this is frustrating AF. They better fix it, like chasing stupid artifacts like cats isn’t enough on this game.

    1. T

      The same thing is happening to me on PS4 it’s irritating

    2. C

      the same thing happens to me on xbox 1 enemys pass threw the circle and hordes keep spawning

  7. K
    Karel segers

    For me, this is no Assassins game,o beyond that its full of bugs, worsest A-C ever !

    1. B
      Brandon O'Neal

      Idk unity was pretty damn bad

  8. M
    Michael Malomay

    I’m stuck in the Asgard mission unable to get the last Ymir Crystals behind an orange shield. It looks like a fight arena of some kind. I have all the other 29 crystals and can’t turn them in to the offering artifact.

  9. M
    Megan Mendenhall

    I am still having issues. I am now spawning way too far and I can’t even get close to the circle. What should I do? ive reported the problem, I have deleted all my saved games… I am so frustrated.

  10. N
    Nathan Riddle

    Mine wouldn’t turn green but then I killed about 10 of them and it turned green

  11. N

    New update as of today and i still have infinite jotun coming after me. So, still broken.

    1. E
      Emil Furenbäck Niklasson

      Still broken for me aswell but now I start in the bubble again, that was not The case before.

  12. F

    I started asgard early lvl 50 or so. I started bulking up lvls while i was inn asgard collecting tears and doing mysterys started the builder mission the went to killed the FG in NW so had to hunt another pack of Jotnar to the South east side the bubble the enemies never quit spawning I also dont take damage while being outside of the bubble and have since woke up and did luden loyalty missions

  13. X

    So I think I have solved the problem by happy accident. And I have tested it 3x and it’s the same each time.

    Reload with Builder putting up the green haze. Head out barely a little, enough to tempt the first patrol. Let it go red.

    Kill the initial 3 who come through. Then a HUGE wave come at you. Focus on the big guy with the huge axe. He is the key. Kill him, suddenly it goes green and it moves on.

    If you don’t get the megawave with a big guy, it won’t work. Likewise you could spend an age killing the regulars or the teleporters and nothing changes. Kill just 1 giant and you’re through.

  14. R

    Ximmat’s tip absolutely worked for me if I got the huge wave of enemies. However the only way I could trigger the wave was to switch the entire game to Spanish and retry the mission. How the language fixes the bug no idea but I could not get the axe fighter to show in English.

  15. D
    Dan P

    Workaround not working.

  16. B

    I changed the language and reloaded in ravensThorpe. Changed the language back to English and we t back to Asgard. Still load in the circle without the builder. He’a gone. Enemies come that can be defeated but I still can progress through the mission. Haaalllppp please

  17. J

    I had to stop halfway through this quest and when I restarted the game it wouldn’t progress through the mission even after I kill all the enemies. I’m power lvl 145 and really don’t want to restart the game just to play this dlc. And all of my game saves are no made up of this mission so I can’t reload a previous save. Any ideas on how to get past it?

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