AC Valhalla Drengiligr - Ragnar Legendary Dagger

Drengiligr in AC Valhalla is a legendary dagger that used to belong to Ragnar Lothbrok. In order to get the legendary Drengiligr dagger in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you have to complete a specific quest first. I mean, the mission leads you straight to it; you can’t complete the quest until you pick the weapon up. However, if you’re not paying attention, or aren’t using any assistance, you might be confused as to where to find Drengiligr. If that is the case, then our AC Valhalla Drengiligr – Ragnar Legendary Dagger guide is the right place to be.

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ac valhalla drengiligr ragnar legendary dagger
AC Valhalla Drengiligr – Ragnar Legendary Dagger

How to Get Drengiligr in AC Valhalla – Where to Find Ragnar Legendary Dagger

To find and get the AC Valhalla Drengiligr Ragnar legendary dagger, you have to trigger and complete the Lost Drengr of Ragnar Lothbrok quest. To do that, make sure that you’ve downloaded the new update, then go and seek out the six Drengr mysteries across the map. Their map icon is a helmet with crossed axes below it. This should trigger the Lost Dregnr mission. It will take you to a snake pit in the north of the map. More specifically, it’s near Jorvik, in Northumbria. Your mission is to figure out how Ragnar met his demise.

Once you get to the pit, use your Odin’s Vision to “scan” the large cage at the bottom of the pit. It works a little different than it usually does; you actually have to tap R3 while looking at the cage to trigger a cutscene. This will show you how Ragnar died, and complete the Reconstruct Ragnar’s Death step. Once the whole thing plays out, and you get control again, you have to clamber down to the bottom of the hole.

Before you go down there and get the AC Valhalla Drengiligr legendary Ragnar dagger, make sure to clear out all the snakes. You don’t want to find yourself surrounded by them. Even if you can soak the damage they do, it’s annoying. Bottom line, though, just walk to the quest marker on the ground and pick the weapon up. There you go, you have an awesome new dagger to play with.

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    I am in the hole, have killed all the drenger, the green light is above the cage, however I cannot continue toward retrieving the dagger. Please help?

    1. K

      Still looking? hit the focus button and a cutscene will play.

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