AC Valhalla Erlend Rygjafylke World Event - Bring Me A Beast

Erlend is an NPC in Assasin’s Creed Valhala. He can be found in the forest by shore in the far southwest of Rygjafylke, west of Fornburg. Talking to him starts a world event mystery, in which you’re supposed to bring him a beast to help him gain honor. If you’re having trouble with this world event, our AC Valhalla Erlend Rygjafylke World Event guide will help you complete it.

ac valhalla erlend rygjafylke world event
AC Valhalla Erlend Rygjafylke World Event – Bring Me A Beast

How to complete “bring me a beast” world event?

Erlend is the seventh son of the seventh son, so he’s supposed to do great things. Problem is, he’s not really inclined towards great things. Erlend is what we in the raiding & pillaging biz would call a “weakling”. So Eivor, ever the smart cookie, suggests he slays an animal.

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Erlend loves the idea, and wants you to bring him a beast. If you rush through the dialogue, you might miss the fact that it’s supposed to be a live beast. If you’re anything like us, you’ll kill a wolf, only to discover you can’t lug animal corpses around like you can with humans.

Again, he needs a live beast. This means you should head a few steps away from the camp, draw the attention of a wolf or bear, then run back to Erlend. The animal will follow you. Fight it in the camp, and when you’ve whittled its health down, Erlend will run in for the kill.

Since only the guy who landed the killing blow gets the XP, he’ll gladly take credit for the slaying even though you did all the hard work. You, in return, will get that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you help deluded, helpless people you run into in the frozen wastes. What more could you ask for?

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  1. Z

    I brought him a bear and he attacked it early then died lmao

    1. J

      Same lmfao. “As far as death goes, it wasn’t great. But neither was he” LOL!

      1. M

        I helped him kill a bear, then followed him as he ran off and another bear chased him down and 1 hit ko. I tried to help, but rhen i also got the line about his death lol.

  2. K

    I brought him a wolf and he ran into the ocean and now he’s stuck floating in the tide.

  3. C

    The first paragraph I did exactly killed the wolf couldn’t pick is up and….. Gave up

  4. L
    Lance Graves

    I went up the mountain and killed the Great Elk thinking the trophy would complete this quest

  5. N

    To complete the quest when he dies lay him in his camp lure a bear in and kill it. Place him with the bear a set them both on fire. Eivor will speak and the quest will end.

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