Essexe Mushroom Mystery Hallucination - Fly Agaric AC Valhalla

There’s a Fly Agaric challenge in Essexe in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s one of the hallucination mysteries, where you eat a mushroom then solve a puzzle in order to activate a portal that lets you sober up. The one in Essexe is on a bloody battlefield, and you’re supposed to light certain braziers in order to escape. If you’re wondering which ones are the right ones, our AC Valhalla Essexe mushroom mystery guide will show you.

essexe mushroom mystery hallucination fly agaric ac valhalla
Essexe Mushroom Mystery Hallucination – Fly Agaric AC Valhalla

Shield statue hallucination challenge

When you eat the mushroom, you’ll be transported to a battlefield littered with corpses. Around it will be six statues, each with a shield in its hands, and a brazier in front of it. You’re supposed to activate the braziers, so that the flames turn blue – but only the correct ones.

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If you stand in front of the gate, look away from it and start from the right, the correct statues are the second, third and sixth (last one). Once you’ve activated those three, the portal will open up, letting you leave the magical realm and complete the challenge.

It’s one of the harder Fly Agaric puzzles we’ve encountered. Unlike the one in Grantebridgescire, or the one back in Rygjafylke, we couldn’t tell what the reasoning behind the solution was – we got it through brute force and a bit of luck. Still, even that is better than getting stuck with no solution. If you figure out the logic behind this one, feel free to leave us a comment and say so.

In the meantime, if you get sick of mushrooms and fires and statues, you could push the story further – there are some interesting choices to be made down the line, romances to be had, and untold riches to be plundered from chests.

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  1. B
    Ben Marsh

    The Key to this one is the Statues of Freya, not Odin.

  2. N
    Nils Pannekoike

    Probably because these statues are all the same woman-statue. The others are all male. 2 of them seem to be some sort of thor maybe and the third i cannot recognise, yet they differ from the otherwise exact same 3 female statues. The shields dont seem to mean anything, for they cannot matter in this riddle.

  3. A

    It’s the damn beards. The shields are a red herring. Some of the statues have beards

    1. B

      Only if you actually choose those WITHOUT beards.

      The three in question are statues of Freya. = no beard as she’s not a dwarf.

  4. K

    Light up the “Shield-Maidens”. Known in Viking history.

  5. A

    It’s all the statues with the criss cross markings on them.

    1. H
      Harry Poff

      Great catch

  6. R
    Raymond Davenport

    The logic on this one is it’s after a battle, and so you need to signal the Valkyries (choosers of the slain, who are women, and known as shield bearers)

  7. A

    If you stand in the front and look around there are spears standing up that line up with the statues. I only figured it out after looking at this guide though.

  8. T
    Tx Drifter

    The pattern of lines carved into the stairs just above the base matches on those three.

    1. M
      Michael Chery

      It’s the sqaure symbols on the stairs. Those 3 are the only ones with sqaures.

  9. C

    The key is the front of the dress design. The diamond style engravings all matched up for those three.

  10. T

    Light (blue) all the status with criss-cross patters at the base of them. 3 in total.

  11. X

    The solution to solve this, lies at the base of each pillar/totem. — three of the totems have markings on it, that seem to represent a “fire” of some sort, indicating that these totems are the correct ones to mark.

  12. H

    The correct statues are covered in blood much like the slaughter on the field

  13. G
    George Smith

    Look at the pillars of the portal. Each has blood stains on them. Looking out from the portal going right to left selecting each statue that has a blood stain is the correct sequence and the correct statues.

  14. R

    If you go dead center in the middle after walking away from the portal doorway, there are three bodies with spears in them all pointing to the correct statues.

  15. J
    Josh Daniel

    It’s a battle field the female statues are valkyries, choosers of the slain.

  16. R
    Robin Hood

    The shields. The first is tainted by blood making it look orange but it’s a blue shield the others have to do with the shield they hold and the shield on the ground by the flame. If they have one on the ground, you change it to the opposite of what they are holding. If they don’t have one on the ground, you change it to the shield color they hold. Blue flame resembles blue and white shield while orange/wood color resembles orange flame.

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