AC Valhalla Fidsthorp Puzzle With Light Beams

The latest DLC expansion for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Dawn of Ragnarok – is finally out. And with it, plenty of new content for AC: Valhalla players to sink their teeth into. New quests, weapons, armor, abilities, and, of course – puzzles have all been added to the game. One of the harder puzzles is the one in Fidsthorp, a location in the Svaladal region. Doing it is worth it, since you will get some nice armor that way. To complete it, you will need to figure out the correct pattern for a complicated light-based sequence. To save you the trial-and-error you otherwise would have needed to get this right, our AC Valhalla Fidsthorp Puzzle with Light Beams guide will show you how to do it, step-by-step.

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AC Valhalla Fidsthorp Puzzle With Light Beams
AC Valhalla Fidsthorp Puzzle With Light Beams

How to Solve Fidsthorp Puzzle with Light Beams in AC Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok

Fidsthorp is a house in the western corner of Svaladal. When you arrive there, you will see that the front entrance is locked. Luckily, there is a balcony that you can enter. Climb up there. The Fidsthorp puzzle starts here. You will encounter a glowing orb that is projecting a beam of light. Inside, there is another orb, pointed at some crystals. Approach it and change its trajectory to point at a symbol above the door there. Doing this will cause the door to open. Inside, there is another orb. Pick it up and go down. Around the house, there is another window that you can scale. In here, there is a pedestal that you can place the orb on. Next, take out your bow and shoot the planks above the winerack here. Climb up to the room with the first set of orbs.

Interact with the orb there, and point it towards the orb on the balcony. The light beam is now continuous. Go to the balcony and you will see that the light beam is projecting onto a third orb, which is on top of a ruined wall. Jump down to get a better look at it by moving to the right of it. Take out your bow again. You will see that there are two wooden parts on each side of the pedestal. Shoot the one on the left. This will cause the orb’s light beam to turn and shine directly over the symbol in front of the doorway. The door will now open. Go inside and loot the chest. You will be rewarded with a pair of Dwarven Blacksmith Bracers for completing this puzzle.

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