AC Valhalla Firefly Locations - Twinkle Twinkle Trophy

Fireflies are collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Collecting them may seem like it has no purpose, but there is a use for the critters. Once you’ve built the Seer’s Hut, you’ll be able to release them at the pond behind the house. When you release the first one, you’ll unlock the Twinkle Twinkle achievement. If you’re having trouble finding them – and you just might, they’re tiny, tiny things – our AC Valhalla firefly locations guide will show you where to look.

ac valhalla firefly locations twinkle twinkle trophy
AC Valhalla Firefly Locations – Twinkle Twinkle Trophy

If you still don’t have the Seer’s Hut built, you’ll have to upgrade your settlement to level 3 first. You’ll then get the A Wise Friend quest, which leads into another quest, called In Dreams. That one asks you to built the hut in order to progress. As soon as you do, the prompt at the pond will appear.

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Where to find fireflies?

Fireflies spawn in lots of locations, but spotting them is the real problem. They only appear at night, and even then, they’re practically invisible. We found three around a small stone building in the forest west of Wycham, in the norhteastern part of Grantebridgescire.

Since they are so tiny, and their glow is so faint, we suggest you use Odin’s sight often when you’re in the general area. When you not moving or turning the camer, all the marked items will stand still – all except the firefly, that is. When you see a white dot that’s moving around, start chasing after it.

We still haven’t figured out if there are any rewards if you bring enough of them to the pond, or how many would constitute “enough”, for that matter. We’ll keep chuging them there, and if something pops up, we’ll be sure to update the guide. We’ll also add any new locations we find, and we encourage you to share your findings in the comments as well.

If you need help with anything else in the game, we've got a metric ton of other guides for you to check out. For example, we've written AC Valhalla Hidden Ones Armor Set Locations - Ratae Bureau Armor & Londinium Bureau Key for quest A Brief History of The Hidden Ones, that will reward you with the Hidden Ones armor. We can also help with whether you want to let Rued Live or Die - Kill or Spare Rued Choice Consequences, or who to give silver to in AC Valhalla War Weary quest , and a well hidden AC Valhalla Comb location for Bil Maiden's Missive Rygjafylke World Event. Puzzle that caused us big problems was Unseal The Well during the quest Well Traveled. And, yes, we do have many more coming, stay tuned.

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  1. R
    Rafael Renn贸

    Hello! I’ve found 2 (I guess) north of the Black Peak viewpoint, where there’s a mask, in the middle of the woods. And thanks for the info here since I didn’t know about the ones in this guide. 馃檪

    1. R
      Rafael Renn贸

      Oh, this viewpoint is in the Grantebridgescire area too, btw.

  2. R
    Roaring Thunder

    The easiest one I found was in Jorvik. Do the mystery Warmth of Winter at night. Follow the child and keep using Odin’s Sight along the way and it will appear in your path. You can also see it without Odin’s Sight if you are observative enough.

  3. V

    i just found one at the viewpoint at Evinghou Tower by the cliffs edge. After you synchronize & do the leap of faith hop out & go straight to the cliffs edge. There鈥檚 also an enemy called Goliath. don鈥檛 know if that鈥檚 a new enemy type or if it鈥檚 the Goliath but he鈥檚 in the tower as well as a roman artifact. if start at the bottom & go around the right side & look up there is a ledge with a cave that has a crevice for you to slide thru. then you bust the pots & push the shelf out of the way. 馃檪 happy hunting all.

  4. F
    Forgotten_ snow

    I’ve found 16 so far and still no reward, just lots of pretty lights, the seem to be in heavily forested areas and near Roman ruins, glowscesterscire seems to have a lot

    1. F

      Eurvicscire bottom of a waterfall south of the town picheringa. Hamtunscire on the southern Isle of Wiht in an open field south east of the lake. 2 in glowscesterscire at st kenhelms falls just outside town. 2 hanging around an artifact location in the very top left corner of glowescesterschire. 1 in the port town of botolphston playing with a kid next to the small fish pond in lincolnscire and another near the road in the bush on the way the town of lincoln. That’s all I remember, hope this helps no one else seems to have found any I havent

      1. T

        thank you. ive found 15 before a few of the locations you’ve mentioned. Don’t forget the one in Vinland. Dead center of the map near a pond. the only thing you can bring back from that place.

      2. T

        Eurvicscire firefly- Ritual circle (Northwest part of map)

      3. B
        Bethany B Abrams

        There are several at varying viewpoints all over the map, as well as in many ruins. Ive only found 7 so far but I just started looking for them today. Ive definitely been seeing them around, just didn’t realize I should bother catching them.

      4. A
        Allen Johnson

        Thanks for this. Good info

    2. T

      I have 24 but only 16 can show at our pond. we should be able to find 100 of these

  5. K
    Kenneth Bradstreet

    I have found them thanks for this..
    But when I go to my camp with them I let them go, but it didnt give me the Achievement. Any one know why this is?

    1. T

      grab the firefly 150 Meters North of the water fall at our settlement. That firefly may trigger the achievement

  6. W

    you dont have to have seers hut build to release fireflyes. it works even on setllement lvl 1

  7. S

    I have having trouble even finding one firefly. I have looked a multiple forums and videos, I go at night, and my town is level 5, and I鈥檝e built the seers hut. I have looked all over and not seen a single firefly. What am I doing wrong?

  8. L

    Firefly found west of readingum abbey in forest with lumberjack’s house in hamtunscire.

    1. B

      Adding to this. To the North of the House, you will find an area, that dips down with rock edges. Go to the right of those, and next to a tall white/gray tree. I know there a few of those trees, but check them.

  9. K

    Found one at druids cottage eastern glowecestrescire . On the path right before the steps that lead up to cottage

  10. K

    Another at bardon lookout viewpoint in Western ledecestrescire. Dont take the leap . Just climb down , its right at the base of the lookout

  11. B

    There is one on the Isle of Wiht. A little ways South East of the lake in the middle of the isle.

  12. D
    Don Bonin

    Firefly sighted. Some are saying is was just a weather balloon, but I swear…

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