AC Valhalla Alrekstad Cellar Key Location & Cellar Entrance - Muddy half eaten note

There’s an ability book in Alrekstad in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s hidden in a cellar under one of the houses, but the cellar is locked. If you’ve found the entrance, you might be wondering how to unlock it. To get to the book of knowledge, you’ll have to find the key first. There is a muddy half eaten note that will help you find the key. This guide will show you AC Valhalla Alrekstad cellar key location & cellar entrance, to help you get the new ability.

ac valkhalla alrekstad cellar key location cellar entrance
AC Valhalla Alrekstad Cellar Key Location & Cellar Entrance – Ability Book

Muddy half eaten note AC Valhalla

Once you enter the house you’ll see a note on a table, that will give you a clue where to look for the cellar key. “The pigs got loose in the house, and now the cellar key is gone. It is your turn to dig through the shit“.

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Where to find cellar key?

The key is hidden near the cellar entrance. You’ll find it in the pig sty, in a fresh pile of droppings. It’s highly unlikely someone dropped it there, so it was probably eaten by one of the pigs. They’ll eat pretty much anything.

How to enter cellar?

Once you have the key, turn around and you’ll see a big pile of stuff hanging in a net. Shoot the hook holding the net with an arrow, and it’ll drop down, opening a hole leading to the cellar. Drop down and follow the tunnel, and you’ll soon hit a locked door. Use the key you just picked from the pig sty, and you’ll enter a small room with a shining pedestal.

ac valhalla alrekstad cellar how to enter

When you read the book, you’ll unlock the Mark of Death ability (or upgrade it if you already have it). It allows you to mark several targets with your bow before unleashing a volley of arrows that are guaranteed to hit all of them. It’s a nifty skill to have, especially for ambushes, when your targets aren’t moving frantically around or trying to attack you. In the heat of battle, it’s not that useful, but ending a fight before it even begins has always been the better choice than risking injury or death. Or worse – reloading.

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