Firing the Arrow Bug Solution AC Valhalla

AC Valhalla Firing the Arrow main quest is a mission that you have to complete in order to finish the Lunden quest chain, and it has a game-breaking bug. A specific NPC that you need to find just refuses to spawn in, making it impossible to proceed. Fortunately, there are some workarounds that you can try to employ, as we’ll show you in our Firing the Arrow Bug Solution AC Valhalla guide. We can’t really guarantee success, but it’s worth a shot.

firing the arrow bug solution ac valhalla
Firing the Arrow Bug Solution AC Valhalla

How to Solve AC Valhalla Firing the Arrow Bug?

To solve the Firing the Arrow quest bug in AC Valhalla, the only fix we know of is to load an older save. This is just one of those bugs in the game that require some manner of restart. Speaking of, if reloading the save doesn’t fix the issue, restarting the game completely might. It’s a complete toss-up, and really, the only people that can make it go away are the developers. Hopefully, a future patch will relieve us of some of the more egregious, game-breaking bugs like this one. There’s way too many of them to shrug off, to be frank.

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What’s supposed to happen is, you talk with Stowe in West Market. He’ll tell you that you need a coin to enter the archery competition. So, you saunter off into the market and use Odin’s Sight to ping the blue-tinted guy. He has a coin, and you need to grab it. There’s several ways to approach this challenge, and we took the most direct one – we smashed him upside the skull with a sword and just took the coin. It’s simple from there. Enter and win the competition, talk to the guy called Hussa outside the amphitheater, reveal the Arrow, eliminate him. Easy-peasy.

What seems to be the problem is that the NPC with the coin just doesn’t appear, no matter how you re-jigger things. So, for the AC Valhalla Firing the Arrow bug solution, try and reload a previous save, and also, try to change the answers you give to Stowe. We chose “I don’t know him” and “It’s good to talk,” and everything went fine. We can’t say for certain whether it will help, but it’s worth a try.

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    I had a controller and keyboard connected and it kept freezing whatever the load game. Disconnected the controller and just used the keyboard/mouse made it work.

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