AC Valhalla Hrothgar Zealot Spawn Location Bug Solution

Hrothgar in AC Valhalla is one of the zealots that hunt Eivor throughout the game, and the problem is that his spawn can bug out. Sometimes, he freezes in place, making him incredibly difficult to find. And even when that doesn’t happen, he can be almost anywhere in a fairly large area. Oh, and sometimes, he might not even spawn. It’s a bit of a mess, and we’ll try to clear it up in our AC Valhalla Hrothgar Zealot Spawn Location Bug Solution guide.

ac valhalla hrothgar zealot spawn location bug solution
AC Valhalla Hrothgar Zealot Spawn Location Bug Solution

How to Solve Hrothgar Spawn Zealot Location Bug in AC Valhalla?

To solve the zealot spawn location bug of Hrothgar in AC Valhalla, honestly, the best thing you can do is try to find him. Other than that, you can restart the game and see what happens. The fact of the matter is, Hrothgar simply doesn’t have a fixed location. He patrols across Suthsexe, most commonly around Crawleah. However, sometimes, he can appear as far north as Briggworth. So, you basically have to become the hunter and track him down with your raven, especially if you’ve burned the Zealot note after sparing Leofrith.

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What I’m saying basically is that it might not be a bug, it’s just that Hrothgar is difficult to pin down. That’s not to say that he can’t bug out, because he absolutely can. People have been reporting him standing in one place instead of patrolling. In our case, he was in a clearing in the middle of the forest, instead of on the road. So, there are definitely problems with the zealot Hrothgar in AC Valhalla. Unfortunately, the absolute best course of action is to stalk Suthesexe from top to bottom and left to right. He’s gonna be there somewhere.

This whole situation is particularly egregious, since you need to find and assassinate Hrothgar in order to get Excalibur. He holds one of the tablets that you need to get in order to obtain the legendary sword. So, yeah, good luck on your hunt.

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