AC Valhalla Flyting Answers - Charisma - Slam Master Trophy

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla flyting duels are the infamous rap battles, or word battles that you can find scattered across the map. Finding and completing all flyting battles in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla raises your Charisma, and also is necessary to get the Slam Master trophy / achievement. Of course, finding all of them can be a bit of a problem. So, in our Flyting Duel Locations in AC Valhalla – Charisma – Slam Master Trophy guide, we’ll show you exactly where to find them all.

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flyting duel locations in ac valhalla charisma slam master trophy
AC Valhalla Flyting Answers – Charisma – Slam Master Trophy

All Flyting Duel Answers – AC Valhalla Slam Master Trophy & Charisma

In the list below, we’ll present you with all the correct flyting duels in AC Valhalla, so that you can get the Slam Master trophy and max out your charisma. Before we start, though, I have to point out that there will be some spoilers here. Nothing too major, but they are there. You have been warned; proceed at your own discretion.

  • Alvis, Rygjafylke
    • I’ll recall what you’ve taught ere I enter the fray.
    • Then I’ll tell you you’ve nothing inside of your skull.
    • I will flyt you with flourish and best you with flair!
  • Manning, Fighter of Wolves, Rygjafylke
    • What you make up in muscles, you’re lacking in spine.
    • They seem perfectly placed to give children a scare.
    • No, you’re quite like your arms: just incredibly thick.
  • Jungulf, Ledecestrescire
    • O, to beat such a braggart will surely be fun.
    • You’re a weakling, a milksop, a cadger, a louse.
    • Your pride is appalling, and your rhyming is worse.
  • Fergal the Faceless, Grantebridgescire
    • But your rhythm is clumsy, you’ll never outpace me.
    • Says the flyter who hides in a hole like a rat.
    • You’re not a talented flyter, Fergal.
  • Chadwick, Monger of Gossip, East Anglia
    • Then you’re speaking to fools, and their knowledge is flawed.
    • And they’re sorely mistaken, I’m known for my might.
    • Then you’ve clearly misheard them, my wit is immense.
  • Augusta the Cheerful, Lunden
    • You’re the picture of elegance, beauty and grace.
    • O, your valor’s the subject of story and song.
    • It is truly a pleasure, my partner’s sublime.
  • Hogg the Burly, Oxenefordscire
    • O, you’re barely an insect, a fly that I’ll swat.
    • You’re possessed of a baldness that’s scared off your hair.
    • You’ve the brain of a donkey, to challenge a Norse.
  • Ove the Scarred, Sciropescire
    • And your thick little skull’s fit for grinding my axe on.
    • Test your might against mine and we’ll see how you do
    • If it’s fighting you want, I shall take you on now.
  • Hertha the Very High, Jorvik
    • The one fool that I see here is up on that wall.
    • Then enjoy it while you can, a great fall is at hand.
    • What’s it like feigning hugeness? You’re naught but a gnome.
  • Borghild the Aleswifes Bane, Eurvicscire
    • Your face brings to mind the arse-end of a horse.
    • Now to look upon you leaves both my eyes in great pain.
    • You’ve drunk far too much ale, now, you’re just telling lies.
  • Stigr the Amorous, Snotinghamscire
    • Yes, with words I’ll ensnare you and put you to bed.
    • I’m as good with my lips as I am with my tongue.
    • While I doubt you can take me, I’ll give you a go.
  • Lady Ellette, Essexe
    • For they put all who hear them to sleep.
    • I’ll defeat you and banish all doubt.
    • Lend a salve, for your words make me ill.
  • Acolyte Alwin, Cent
    • Though you speak through another, your flyting is poor.
    • You’re a simpleton and a fool, and you should never be proud.
    • With such drivel to speak, I see why you keep mum.
  • Fenn the Wistful, Hamtunscire
    • Well, perhaps they should have known not to challenge me then.
    • It is not mine to judge, only fill up the graves.
    • To ensure I’ll sit in Valhalla one day.
  • Thor, Asgard
    • O, beware what you ask for, I’ll finish the fight.
    • I’m as wise as an owl, you’re a fool of a god.
    • Well, your victories not what my visions portend.
  • Ratatosk, Asgard
    • I should like to see you try.
    • They’re too dull to conquer me.
    • I’m not the sorry victim you seek.

Where to Find Flyting Duel in Fornburg in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

The first flyting duel you can find in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is in Fornburg, in Rygjafylke. There, you can meet an NPC called Alvis, who taught Eivor poetry and the art of flyting in the first place. This battle is more or less a tutorial, and will explain how the process works. His location is in the town, across the river from where the drinking challenge is. That’s the two drinking horns that you can see on the map and the compass. If you check your Odin’s Sight, you’ll see a speech bubble icon. Head towards it, that’s where Alvis is.

AC Valhalla Flyting Duel Location Stavanger, Rygjafylke

The flyting duel in Stavanger is near the water, at the docks, in the central part of the town’s coastline. You can see the exact location in the screenshots below. Basically, you can just walk down the main street that goes through the center of town, and keep your eye out to your left. Alternatively, if you use the fast travel point, go up and look to your right. You’re searching for a guy standing next to a cart and talking to someone. His name is Manning, Fighter of Wolves, and he’ll start insulting you right off the bat, but don’t worry, he’s just playing.

This section of the guide is under construction. We’ll be adding further flyting duel locations as we discover them. Thanks for your patience!

How to Increase Charisma in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

To increase your Charisma stat in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you have to complete flyting duels successfully. Depending on how well you do, you’ll raise your Charisma bar a certain amount. That’s basically all there is to it. Naturally, you want to complete as many flyting word battles as you can to raise your Charisma, and, of course, get the Slam Master trophy. As for what the Charisma does, it opens up new dialogue options in certain situations. That can get you through some potentially challenging situations, if your stat is high enough. That’s how I like to play, anyway; if I can talk my way out of trouble, I always will.

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