AC Valhalla Lie Picts Surrender or Wake From Your Dream - Hysing The World Wise

Hysing the World-Wise is an NPC you can meet in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You’ll find him on the island in the northwest of Rygjafylke, and he’ll take you on a tour of “England”. After the tour is over, you’ll meet his son and have the chance to either stomp out his fantasy, or enable it. If you’re wondering about the results of each choice, our AC Valhalla lie Picts surrender or wake from your dream guide will show you exactly what happens with crazy Hysing depending on what you choose.

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ac valhalla lie picts surrender or wake from your dream hysing the world wise
AC Valhalla Lie Picts Surrender or Wake From Your Dream – Crazy Hysing The World Wise

Hysing The World Wise dialogue choices

After he takes you to “Wincestre” and discovers that “King Alfred” is gone, he’ll run off to the hills. Follow him and you’ll reach a camp with a couple of tents. There’s a scarecrow there – King Alfred in the flesh, or rather, straw – and an angry woodsman. If you read the note by the scarecrow, you’ll find out that Hysing isn’t all there, and his late wife sent a letter to their son, asking him to come take care of his old dad.

The son, Djon, is the angry woodsman. He’s not happy that you’re feeding his father’s delusions, so it’s time to make a decision.

  • (LIE) The Picts surrender – Eivor will tell Hysam that the Picts are offering tribute if he spares their lives and allows them safe passage. Hysam will calm down, and Djon won’t be happy. Eivor will tell him that at least he’ll know that the old man eats every day, and that some day, maybe, the fog wil lift.
  • Wake from your dream – Eivor will tell Hysam that although his fantasy world might be pleasant, there are real people in the real world who care about him. The old man will denounce and dethrone the king for betraying “the people”, then calm down.

In both cases, Djon will apologize for his harsh approach, and Eivor will comfort him by saying there is honor and courage in taking care of your elderly.

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