AC Valhalla Follow Stowe or Erke or Go Yourself - Smashing the Compass Quest Choice

Smashing the Compass is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It takes place in Lunden, and it’s the one where you have to make a choice under time constraints. Before you start your attack, you’ll get to choose how to approach it. The choices are going with Stowe, Erke or by yourself. Depending on what you choose, the attack itself will be quite different. If you’re having trouble deciding, our AC Valhalla Smashing the Compass quest choice guide will help you choose.

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ac valhalla follow stowe or erke or go yourself smashing the compass quest choice
AC Valhalla Follow Stowe or Erke – Smashing the Compass Quest Choice

Keep in mind that there are no far-reaching consequences for this choice. It only extends as far as the quest goes. You can’t influece whether anyone lives or dies, or which way the story develops.

Springalds with Stowe

If you choose to go with Stowe, you’ll basically pick your enemies off using arrows, one by one, until it’s time to face the boss. If you’re comfortable using a bow, this is the right choice.

Flanking with Erke

If you pick Erke, you’ll flank the enemies and use stealth to solve all the problems before facing the boss. It’s the right choice if you enjoy sneaking around.

I’ll go alone

The last option basically gives you free reign. You can choose to approach the fight however you want, be it stealth, ranged combat or melee.

After you’ve dealt with the boss, there will be another choice to make. You’ll find a certain book in the boss’ possesion, and you’ll have to decide whether to destroy or keep it. It’s a more difficult choice than how to approach the battle, so if you need help deciding, be sure to check out our burn of keep the book – Bleeding the Leech quest guide. It’ll clear things up and make the choice easier.

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