AC Valhalla Vault - Who is the Vault

Vault in AC Valhalla is a part of the AC Valhalla Closing the Vault quest, where you’ll have to figure out who is The Vault. That’s one of the members of the Order of the Ancients that finances the cult’s escapades. The Vault in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can be one of four people – Ricsige, Faravid, Audun, or Hjorr. It’s up to you to suss out the guilty party. Or, you know, keep reading our AC Valhalla Vault – Who is the Vault guide to find out who it actually is.

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ac valhalla vault who is the vault
AC Valhalla Vault – Who is the Vault

Who is the Vault in AC Valhalla Closing the Vault?

To figure out who is The Vault in AC Valhalla Closing the Vault quest, you have to talk to all the council members of Jorvik in the courtyard. Specifically, Audun, Faravid, Hjorr, and Ricsige. After that, you need to go and talk with Ljufvina again; she’ll be standing to the left of Ricsige. You have to make your choice then. We’ll tell you the correct answer in a second, but, if you want to go in spoiler free – the choice doesn’t matter. Whoever you choose, right or wrong, a certain series of events will happen, culminating in an all-out melee. SPOILER ALERT from here on out.

Audun is AC Valhalla Vault in the Closing the Vault quest. No matter who you pick to blame, here’s what happens. Audun will propose a huge toast to the lovely lords and ladies of Jorvik. Naturally, they’ll all drink the wine, which we know is poisoned, and they’ll collapse on the floor. From there, Audun launches into this weird, James Bond villain rant, completely revealing who he is. Why he would do that with Eivor standing, like, ten feet from him, I could not tell you. Not really the move of a brilliant, conniving mastermind, now, is it?

Anyways, after Audun makes a scene, you’ll have to rush in and dispatch him. His bodyguards will do the best they can to stop you, of course. You don’t have to mess with them if you don’t want to; beeline for Audun, stomp him out, and get right outta Dodge. So, yeah, that’s who the Vault is in AC Valhalla Closing the Vault quest.

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