Halfdan or Faravid AC Valhalla - Of Blood And Bonds

Choosing between Halfdan and Faravid is something you’ll have to do during the Eurviscire storyline in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The choice takes place at the very end of the arc, and once it’s done, you’ll return home with another alliance. However, a lot of players are wondering whether making the wrong choice here will endanger the alliance. If you’re wondering what exactly happens when you pick one of the two, our AC Valhalla Halfdan or Faravid guide will show you the consequences of both choices.

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ac valhalla halfdan faravid blood bonds quest
Halfdan or Faravid AC Valhalla

The choice takes place during the feast. After Halfdan has another coughing fit, he drops his cup and Eivor picks it up. He’s suspicious – the cup is soft. The cup shouldn’t be soft. He asks Moira what it was made of, and she announces it’s lead, which is a Bad Idea. Turns out Faravid was poisoning Halfdan with lead for a while now, whether intentionally or not.

You’re insane, Halfdan

If you try to reason with Halfdan, he’ll go on a tirade and banish Faravid from Jorvik, who will, in turn, say he doesn’t want to serve under a man who appropriates others’ achievements as his own. You’ll escort Faravid out of town – he’ll be sad, but he won’t admit or deny that he knew about the cups. We’re not sure how this will affect your alliance with Eurviscire, so we suggest you don’t pick this option unless you’re willing to gamble. We’ll update the guide when we know more.

Stand down or fight me, Faravid

If you pick this option, Faravid will not stand down. You’ll have to battle him then and there, and he’ll try to disuade you the whole time. After the fight, you’ll get the friendship bracelet from Halfdan. Your alliance secured, you’ll return to Mercia.

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