AC Valhalla Rollo Traitor - Gerhild or Lork Choice - Who Betrayed Rollo

Who betrayed AC Valhalla Rollo – Gerhild or Lork – is a choice that you’ll have to make during the Old Wounds quest. Your duty is to figure out who is the AC Valhalla Rollo traitor, and you need to choose between Gerhild and Lork. Both of them have, at best, shaky alibis, and their stories change after you do a bit of snooping. It’s a pretty difficult choice, and making the wrong decision will cause things to go really, really wrong. So, to help you out, here’s our AC Valhalla Rollo Traitor – Gerhild or Lork Choice – Who Betrayed Rollo guide.

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old wounds ac valhalla who betrayed rollo
AC Valhalla Rollo Traitor – Gerhild or Lork Choice

Who Betrayed Rollo AC Valhalla – Gerhild or Lork

To find out who betrayed Rollo in AC Valhalla in the Old Woulds quest, Gerhild or Lork, you have to question both potential traitors. Make sure to exhaust every single dialogue option. With that done, use your Odin’s Vision to find the hiding spot in the red flowers, and the rack of meat. Both of these are clues you’ll need. With these two bits of evidence, talk with both of the accused once more. Their stories will change, and the traitor will low-key reveal themselves. If you’re still struggling to figure it out, without further spoilers, the correct AC Valhalla Rollo traitor is Gerhild.

So, now we know who betrayed Rollo in AC Valhalla Gerhild or Lork choice. From here on out, we’ll explain the process. Basically, Lork admits to falling asleep, and that he hid in the grass. Well, we’ve found out that someone has indeed been hiding in the tall grass, so that bit checks out. Not to mention his sterling reputation as a loyal warrior, shifty as he might be at the moment. As for Gerhild, she admits to seeing a Saxon boy from the village. She wants you to believe they’re lovers, but they are, in fact, conspiring against Rollo.

With all that in mind, talk to Rollo. Tell him that you’re ready to make the accusation, and point the finger at Gerhild. Her jarl will execute her swiftly, and Odin will even chime in with a comment. Proceed with the quest. If you make the wrong AC Valhalla Rollo traitor choice, and accuse Lork, things are gonna get hairy later on. Gerhild will harm Estrid on the way to Francia, and in general, you’ll have a harder time completing the mission.

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