Investigate Kalf's Fate AC Valhalla - An Honorable Death Quest

An Honorable Death Quest in AC Valhalla asks you to investigate Kalf’s Fate. It is one of several new quests that form part of the Oskoreia Festival. This one is proving more troublesome than the others. A lot of this is down to the four clues left by Kalf, one of which is very well hidden. Read on as we tell you how to finish the Honorable Death Quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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Investigate Kalf's Fate AC Valhalla - An Honorable Death Quest

At the centre of the festival, a huge galleon has appeared. You should start by examining this ship. Once complete, Eivor will tell you a name is on the ship in charcoal. You will get vague directions as to where the stranger who wrote it went. You can find him at the back of your Great Hall.

Upon arrival, use Odin’s vision to find the route. The man will be dead underneath the bridge. He will have a note saying how he was able to protect a village. Your next task will be to find a lookout post. It is the Ragnarasson Lookout to the Northwest. South of this will be a pillar of smoke. Follow this to find more of the smoke, and you will be able to look through the monk’s veil.

AC Valhalla Investigate Kalf’s Fate – An Honorable Death Quest

You now need to find a few locations that tell you what happened to Kalf. These are the points that many people are finding tough to locate. There are four places you need to visit. Two spots are by the river, one is his lookout position, and one is a ship on the riverbed. This final one is what many people are having trouble finding.

The lookout is on the crag of a cliff. It is a small camp with a burning fire. You can walk up to it and press Y to examine. Go in a straight line forward, down the cliff face toward the river. This will bring up a second camp with a fire. Examine this.

Carry on across the river in another straight line. Another camp will be on the opposite shore. Go past this to an area where fighting has been. This is the third point to examine.

The final point is harder. Go back to the river and swim out into the middle. Under the water is a longship that has sunk. This is the final point.

It is worth noting that many people have said that this task is a little buggy. If you get problems, then reload from the last save point. If you are still having trouble finding the clues, then check out the video above from ZaFrostPet on YouTube.

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