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Kill warlock or hunter in AC Valhalla is a choice that you’ll have to do in the Plight of the Warlock Rygjafylke Mystery world event. The hunter claims that the warlock is evil, going around cursing people. The Warlock, on the other hand, is saying that he’s actually a healer. Who do you trust? I welcome you to our AC Valhalla Kill Warlock or Hunter guide, in which we’ll be answering that question. Also, we’ll show you what to do if the warlock bugs out and despawns, as he sometimes does.

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ac valhalla kill warlock or hunter
AC Valhalla Kill Warlock or Hunter

Kill Warlock or Hunter in AC Valhalla – Plight of Warlock World Event – Rygjafylke Mystery

Whether you kill the warlock or hunter in AC Valhalla Rygjafylke Mystery, aka the Plight of the Warlock world event, is ultimately up to your moral judgement. The hunter claims that the warlock poisoned his sister and put a curse on the land. The Warlock, on the other hand, claims that he’s a healer, and that the only true curse is ignorance. Well, if you look in the cabin before speaking with the warlock and look around, you’ll see a note stating that the warlock was, indeed, a healer. Is that enough to trust him?

If you kill the hunter, the warlock will let you loot the corpse. You’ll get 20 Silver, and the Mystery will be complete. If, on the other hand, you kill the warlock, the hunter will also let you loot the body, but claims that the bounty is his. If you pick up the warlock’s body, the hunter will attack you. The Mystery will still count as completed, so don’t worry. Last, but not least, you can just let them fight. However, the victor will be very ill-disposed towards you, and you won’t be able to complete the Mystery.

Incidentally, the Kill Warlock or Hunter Rygjafylke Mystery in Valhalla is in the southwest of the area. It’s just to the east of Gryttirsand. You can see the exact location in the screenshots below.

AC Valhalla Plight of the Warlock Rygjafylke Mystery Hunter or Warlock Bug

There’s a bug in the Warlock or Hunter AC Valhalla Rygjafylke Mystery where the warlock disappears, or despawns. To counter that, the only thing you can really do is hit left on the d-pad to reload your last save (or whatever the equivalent is on your platform). After that, you can really only pray to the gods that it doesn’t happen again, because if it does, there’s no way to complete the Mystery.

Incidentally, this is also the only fix if you somehow manage to kill both the warlock and the hunter before the Mystery is over. Or, you know, if you just let them fight so the survivor ends up hating you regardless. Just quick load and try again. Good luck.

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  1. M

    Hi I have killed Hunter and I think I need to do something more. When I pick up hunter’s body and put it down in front of warlock’s house, warlock stands up and takes a look on the body then he is start searching around his house. He cannot find anything so he just sits back. I don’t think that is all. I think he should find something but don’t know what.

    1. K

      You need to wait until after they start fighting, then join in and kill him. If it doesnt work then it glitched and you would have to do it again if able

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