AC Valhalla Taking Root - Collect The Root of A Mountain - Ivaldi's Riddles

Taking Root is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It takes place in Asgard, and it’s one of the quests you’ll get from Ivaldi, to help him forge Gleipnir. To complete it, you’ll have to solve his riddle and collect the root of a mountain. Sounds easy, right? If you’re having trouble with this queast, because you come from a weird world where geological formations don’t have roots, our AC Valhalla Taking Root guide will help you.

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ac valhalla taking root collect root of a mountain ivaldi's riddles
AC Valhalla Taking Root – Collect The Root of A Mountain – Ivaldi’s Riddles

Potential at Its Peak – Ivaldi Riddle Solution

The text of the riddle is as follows:

Cradled in rock,
At Asgard’s highest height,
A seed sleeps in Ymir’s cold grip.
Warm it awake, bring it to water,
For old bone to sprout with new life.

It may sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty straightforward once you reach the place and look around. Head on over to the location marked on the map, the Beinahruga peak on the southern island. Once you’re at the top, look north and you’ll see a hay stack. Next to it will be a stone.

That’s the seed. Now you need to warm it awake. Open up the quick action menu, select the torch and then throw it at the hay. Once the fire dies down go ahead and pick it up. All that’s left is to bring it to water. Approach the cliff and you’ll see a pond way down the mountain. You can throw the rock into it from there.

As soon as it touches the surface, Havi will comment on it. Jump into the pond from the cliff and swim to the exit. You will see a blue, glowing root there, protruding from the rock. Pick it up and bring it to Ivaldi, and you’ll complete the Taking Root quest.

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