AC Valhalla Nickel Ingot Locations

Nickel ingot is an upgrade material in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s one of the rare bars used to push weapons and armor to a higher rarity tier, so that you can get new rune slots and the ability to upgrade them even more. The nickel ingots are used to jump from superior to flawless. If you’re using a lot of different weapons, you’ll need a whole truckload of these. This guide will help you improve your gear by showing you nickel ingot locations in AC Valhalla.

ac valhalla nickel ingot locations map
AC Valhalla Nickel Ingot Locations

Where to find nickel ingot AC Valhalla

Nickel ingots grow in chests and on elite enemies. They’re the wealth icon on the map that looks like three gold bars stacked neatly. You can get them in areas between the suggested power levels of 20 and 160, which means East Anglia, Essexe, Oxenfordscire, Lunden, Suthsexe, Lincolnscire and Sciropescire and Cent.

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Cent, Essexe, Oxenfordscire and Suthsexe are your best bet – they’re ripe with ingots, sometimes even two or three of them in the same location. Visiting these clusters will make the process of obtaining the desired amount of nickel ingots much quicker.

Collecting them is going to be one hell of a task, no matter how you look at it. I’d suggest prioritizing your weapons and getting the bare minimum required to push them up a notch, then upgrading the armor pieces as you collect the ingots organically while exploring the map and playing through the story.

If you take a break from other activities in order to get enough nickel to upgrade everything you are using at the moment, it’s going to take a while, and might have a negative effect on your enjoyement of the game. You know yourself best, so think about it before you jump into the nickel mines.

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