AC Valhalla Rowan or Holger

Rowan or Holger in AC Valhalla is a choice that you’ll have to make during the Reporting on East Anglia quest, after reporting to Randvi. Your choice between Holger and Rowan in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a purely moral one. Hear out both sides, and decide what you think is just. Spoiler alert; there is one choice that, I think, is clearly the better one, and we’ll show you which one it is in our AC Valhalla Rowan or Holger guide.

ac valhalla rowan or holger
AC Valhalla Rowan or Holger

Choose Rowan or Holger AC Valhalla – Rowan is Right or Holger is Right

Whether you choose Rowan or Holger in AC Valhalla, it won’t have any particular effect on the overall story. However, it is a test of your overall moral compass, so it’s a good roleplaying moment for your Eivor. And, having seen the results of both choices, I’m gonna say that one option is clearly the more just – Holger is right. That’s the best choice in my opinion, without getting into spoilers. Keep reading if you want to find out what the outcomes are.

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  • Rowan is right – Eivor says that Holger cutting off the horse’s tail has lowered the market value, and he must therefore pay for the whole horse. He doesn’t actually get the horse in return. Holger will be quite displeased, but won’t make to big of a fuss, so they both leave.
  • Holger is right – Eivor says that the tail hairs will regrow, so the damage isn’t permanent; hence, no money has been lost. However, he does warn Holger to never take things without asking again. At Eivor’s behest, Holger will give Rowan a cheeky apology, the latter accepts, and they go off into the sunset as… friends?

So, as you can clearly see, saying the Holger is right but forcing him to apologize is clearly the win-win outcome. I mean, let’s be real, Rowan wasn’t even planning to sell the horse yet. There’s plenty of time for the “damage” to repair itself. Ultimately, of course, the choice is up to you and what kind of character your Eivor is.

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  1. M

    Interesting, I found that Rowan was right. Holger did something without asking and it appears that Rowan was affected by this task. Also for stealing without asking, he has done that multiple times. It would be only logical to at least ask permission for doing something like that. Hell, he could’ve bought the tools he needed in the first place. It regrowing was irrelevant for who was wrong, it was relevant for the penalty but apparently you don’t have any say in that and the game doesn’t give you any influence on this anyways.

    1. T

      I agree 100% Rowan was right. To allow someone to keep taking without permission facing no consequences for their actions is enabling that behavior. They both admitted holger had done this multiple times already. If i shaved your head while you was asleep, though the damage is not permanent as you stated. Would you not agree that i was wrong for doing so without asking? Remember, your hair will grow back.. its still wrong in the end.

    2. A

      I agree with you Martin. Holger is in the wong. It’s irrelevant that time will repair the damage he did, the act of cutting off the tail was outside of his rights and reparations should be made, if only to discourage further dishonest behaviour.

  2. E

    I think Rowan is right. Holger took something that can’t be just borrowed without asking, as he seems to have been doing before. Also maybe I’m a bit biased as I love horses so I will always side with the horse 🙂

  3. Štefan Miko

    even if one picks chgoice that holger is right and he apologizes,since i saw that he did it again yet the next time he got punished by sigurd i decided to “f** the apology” and let holger eat what he cooked.

  4. F

    Rowan is in the right. Private property matters and must be respected. An apology and assuming they ride off as friends is not justice for stealing and harming property. The moral choice is to choose Rowan’s side. I find this article to be pushing a narrative of property not mattering which is morally wrong.

  5. M

    rowan is right. putting aside the value of the horse, the tail is vital. horses use their tails to swat flys away. i was enraged during holger’s pathetic excuse. i felt no sympathy for holger.

  6. D

    rowan was right, Funny how only the author of this article thought the opposite was the clear decision.

    1. J

      Doesn’t mean I’m the one in the wrong

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