Order of the Ancients Guide AC Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Order of the Ancients is a secret society that has infiltrated all walks of life, and you need to find clues and discover the identities of the members and eliminate them. Figuring out clue locations and where to find Order of the Ancients is going to be a process, but you’ll eventually uncover the Maegesters and Grand Maegester and topple the whole organization. In our Order of the Ancients Guide AC Valhalla guide, we’re going to explain what the Order is, how it works, how to get clues, and more.

order of the ancients guide ac valhalla
Order of the Ancients Guide AC Valhalla

What is Order of the Ancients in AC Valhalla?

The Order of the Ancients in AC Valhalla is a “secret society of pagans that has infiltrated every level of society to spread their dogmatic views.” If you’ve played AC Odyssey and have encountered the Cult of the Kosmos, you’ll be familiar with the system. Since they’re a sinister secret order, your job will be to suss out all of the members by collecting clues, and eliminate them one by one. Eventually, you’ll come to the leader of the Order and dispatch them, too. The members can be any NPC with any degree of influence, so you’ll have to be careful who you trust. Meanwhile, they’ll be sending zealots, aka hired mercenaries, out to get you.

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How Does AC Valhalla Order of the Ancients Work?

As you can see in the image up top, the Order of Ancients in AC Valhalla has four branches; Wardens of War, Wardens of Wealth, etc. They are led by five Maegesters. On the very top is the Grand Maegester. Initially, all of them will be hidden until you manage to find enough clues about their identities.

Finding clues is essential here, and we’ll cover that in more detail later. Discovering said clues reveals Order members, allowing you to mark them on the map and hunt them down. As you clear out one of the branches, you’ll eliminate a Palatinus or Preost, which will give you intel on their Maegester. Root out enough of those, and you’ll reveal the Grand Maegester. Just keep in mind that these people can be anybody, so be careful who you trust.

Where to Find Order of the Ancients Members in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

To find Order of the Ancients members in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you’ll have to discover enough clues about their identities, as we’ve already said. More on that in a bit. When you get the clues you need, you’ll uncover them in the Order screen, and their location will also appear on the map. So, all that’s left to do is mark them and head over there to show them who wears the big boy pants ’round these parts. You start off by erasing Order members of a lower rank, and slowly work your way up. Eventually, you’ll find the head of the snake and chop it off.

How to Get Order of the Ancients Clues in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? 602

To get Order of the Ancient clues in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, there are several avenues to pursue. A number of them are certain to appear during the main story; you might even fight some of them during main quests. Other clues might appear during side missions. Eliminating Order members is certain to give you further hints as to the identities of locations of others, especially the Maegesters and the Grand Maegester. Some clues might be found by following previous ones.

As for the clues you get from zealots, you get specific items from ganking them. You can then take these to the Hidden One Bureau in your settlement. They will give you a clue in exchange for four of these items, as far as we can tell.

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