AC Valhalla Look For Evidence In Grantebridge - Stench of Treachery

During the Stench of Treachery quest in Assasin’s Creed Valhalla, you’ll have to figure out who betrayed Soma – Lif, Birna or Galinn. If talking to the trio doesn’t make things clear, Soma will advise you to search the surrounding are for clues. One of the suggestions she offers is to check for evidence in the town itself. If you’re having trouble with this taks, this guide will help you look for evidence in Grantebridge in AC Valhalla.

Grantebridge evidence locations

The problem stems from the game not marking the evidence on your map. It doesn’t even narrow the search area – the whole town is your playground. Your first stop should be talking to all three suspects. Their houses can be found in the village, and if you’re tracking the quest, markers will point you towards them.

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None of them will incriminate themselves, but if you have two charisma, you can stop beating around the bush and confront them. Again, none of them will implicate themselves willingly, but you’ll get some more info. If you’ve already found the longship in the swamp, you can talk about that too.

The real evidence are the bits and pieces found around their homes. For instance, there’s a note at Galinn’s house, referencing his vision, the one in which he and Soma are embracing each other on a narrow mountain peak. It identifies her as the one from the vision – her shield has a snake, and her banner a lion – and concludes that two cannot balance on a peak. One must fall. That’s pretty sketchy, right?

If you check out the stuff in the corner by the door at Birna’s house, you’ll notice that her bags are packed for a long journey. If you ask her about it, she’ll say just deflect by saying that if she wanted to run away, she would’ve done it already.

If you just want to know who the real culprit is, be sure to check out our Soma’s traitor – Birna, Lif, Galinn guide.

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