AC Valhalla River Raid Key

River raid keys in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are new items that you can find during said raids and use them to unlock and loot chests. The problem a lot of people seem to be running into is where to find the raid keys. This is largely because you can’t really use the raven to scan the area properly, so you have to look “manually.” That being the case, in our AC Valhalla River Raid Key guide, we’ll give you a few pointers to hopefully make your life a bit easier.

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ac valhalla river raid key
AC Valhalla River Raid Key

Where to Find River Raid Keys in AC Valhalla?

To find river raid keys in AC Valhalla, the best option is to use Odin’s Sight and look for the white glow. It’s similar to the way Roman helmets and some other highlightable objects shine when you use the ability. This is your only recourse, because you can’t use your raven to scout the area and mark everything ahead of time. Kinda makes sense gameplay-wise; the raven would kinda break the whole point of the raids. However, it does make finding these raid keys more difficult.

As to the most common places where the river raid keys spawn, it’s largely windowsills and tables. However, that’s not a guarantee. As you can see in the image above, we found one on a random straw bed. The keys appear pretty much at random, so you kinda have to explore the entirety of the raid area looking for them if you want to open the chests. Again, just keep using Odin’s Sight to spot the keys more easily and hope for the best. Just keep in mind that the prompt says only “Collect Key.” Don’t worry about getting confused, these are the only keys you can find in raids.

So, that’s how you get AC Valhalla river raid keys. As the name implies, these can open any locked chest that you might come across during the raid. As to what you usually find in these, it’s mostly upgrade materials – iron, leather, you get the idea. So, you’re not gonna miss out on too much if you happen to skip key-hunting on a given raid.

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