AC Valhalla Saint Albane's Abbey Key Location & How to Break Through Wall

Saint Albane’s abbey is one of the monasteries you can raid in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s one of the tougher ones – the raid itself can be difficult to due to a wall blocking your way, and there’s a locked door leading to the prison cells. What treasure awaits down there? If that’s the burning question that you’re losing sleep over right now, this guide will show you AC Valhalla Saint Albane’s abbey key location & how to breakt through wall to finish the raid.

ac valhalla saint albans abbey raid
AC Valhalla Saint Albane’s Abbey Key Location & How to Break Through Wall

How to get into church & houses in Saint Ablane’s abbey?

If you’re having trouble entering the houses in the courtyard of the abbey, each of them has a “thing”. Some have a door that can be opened with the help of a clanmate. Some require you to go around them and look for places where the mortar has fallen off. There will be a wicker patch blocking the hole, which you can easily burn down with your torch or shoot with an arrow. In order to enter the church, you should break one of the stained glass windows and climb through the hole.

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ac valhalla saint alban's abbey how to enter church

Where to find prison cell key in Saint Albane’s abbey?

The key isn’t part of the raid, and you can’t get it there. It’s part of a quest called Pilgrimage to St Albanes, which is part of the Oxenefordscire story arc. You’ll get it during the quest automatically, and you’ll be allowed into the cells where they’re holding the heretic.

How to break through wall in Saint Albane’s abbey?

The wall blocking the last massive wealth chest is of the kind that’s only vulnerable to explosives. This means you’ll need a red clay pot filled with oil. You can find several of them outside the abbey and to the right, in the improvised storage area by the stairs. Pick one up, bring it inside and throw it at the wall.

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  1. B

    you know for the wall in the abbey if you look above it you will see a red thing to shoot that will make a chandelier fall and brake the wall. no need to run back outside.

  2. J


    1. V

      Same here. What a f@&%ing crock of s&@t

  3. C
    Catalina Muggli

    I really need help with a knight boss called Cudberct his health recovers and I can’t kill him, all other guards are dead but I can’t get rid of this guy. Please tell me what to do!!!

    1. W

      For cudberct I used mark of death ability level 2 and it killed him with “one” hit of multiple shots

  4. J
    James Wilkinson

    This raid annoyed me so much. Early in the game you can’t break windows so stupid they did it here. Spent and hour before finding this guide then my dude just wanted to keep freaking climbing the wall instead going through the window had to mash a bunch of keys until the right combo came up making him leap into hit an enemy. So annoying. Did this at level 75 too the raids aren’t level caped to the areas they are in. So many stupid planning mistakes in this game.

  5. T

    It’s an incredibly irritating game. Looking for one clay pot and there’s none to be found. AC has become annoying and tedious and stupidly repetitive.

    1. L
      Lindsay C

      You don’t need a clay pot if you have the Incendiary Powder Trap ability. You get it from one of the knowledge books; basically explosive arrows. Pretty sure I got it within my first 15hrs of gameplay.

  6. S
    Shoot windows shoot the window above the door at the pulley its simple

    In the abbey shoot the pulley over the door through window pulse you will see it and tip sneak in do the damage then call the raid

  7. M

    hi guys, im stuck at fulkes mission, cant loot the f key from dead guard to get into the crypt, some idea?

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