AC Valhalla Settlement Level 6 Glitch

AC Valhalla settlement level 6 glitch is a problem some players have been experiencing. It manifests by your village being stuck at level 5, even though you’ve already built everything and your raven doesn’t show you any more investment opportunities. It’s a bug that’s easy to solve if you know where to look, and lots of folks are annoyed by being unable to max out their base. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to fix AC Valhalla settlement level 6 bug.

ac valhalla settlement level 6 glitch
AC Valhalla Settlement Level 6 Glitch

AC Valhalla settlement stuck at level 5

The bug isn’t actually tied to settlement progression – your AC Valhalla settlement is not level 6, and that’s because you haven’t built everything. The problem is that the bird won’t show you the stuff you’re missing clearly.

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There are several buildings that seem to be easily overlooked by most players. This includes the fowl farm, Hunwald & Swanburrow’s house, and the house between the stables and the Roman museum. Also, keep in mind that some buildings can be upgraded several times, and each upgrade will increase your renown.

Sometimes the bird doesn’t register buildings that have yet to be built if it’s not close enough. You can also use both the bird and Odin’s sight to check which buildings can be upgraded – their icons will have a faint green glow around them. However, considering the bug and all that, the safest bet would be to take a tour of the entire village and interact with every signpost you find. Check them all by hand, and the raven’s shortcomings won’t be an issue.

In order to get your settlement to level 6, you need to complete all the alliance missions in England, and raid all the monasteries. You’ll have more than enough supplies even if you don’t pillage them all, but raw materials are extremely scarce and you’ll need every last one for those.

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