AC Valhalla Vili or Trygve

Vili or Trygve in AC Valhalla is a choice you’ll have to make in the Farewells and Legacies quest in Snotinghamscire. You’ll have to choose Vili or Trygve as jarl. As is the case with all choices, people are wondering about the AC Valhalla Vili or Trygve consequences. What happens if you choose one or the other? Should I choose Vili or Trygve? Well, that’s what we’ll be discussing in our AC Valhalla Vili or Trygve guide.

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ac valhalla vili or trygve
AC Valhalla Vili or Trygve

Save Trygve from Pyre or Not in AC Valhalla

You should save Trygve from the pyre in AC Valhalla if you want to have the choice between Vili or Trygve as jarl later on. This causes further consequences on Vili’s future, as we’ll describe further later. So, let’s break down the consequences of the Trygve funeral pyre choice. Here’s where the spoilers start, so this is your last chance to turn back. You have been warned.

If you let Trygve jump into the fire (Do as you must), that’s where his story ends. Later on, when the question of who will be jarl in “Farewells and Legacies,” you won’t be able to choose between Vili and Trygve; Vili becomes jarl by default. You will stay friends, and he will come to your aid in the finale, but no more than that.

If, on the other hand, you choose to save Trygve (Snotinghamscire can’t lose another), then you’ll get a choice to put him as jarl, and keep Vili by your side in Ravensthorpe. In other words, you get more allies, and that’s exactly what you need when conquering new land. Let’s get into more detail about that, shall we?

AC Valhalla Vili or Trygve Jarl

When it comes to the consequences of the Vili or Trygve as jarl choice in AC Valhalla, they boil down to whether you want Vili to stay in Snotinghamscire or come with you to Raventhorpe. This is largely a roleplaying choice, in the end. No matter what you choose, Vili will fight alongside you at the end. The only meaningful difference is whether you have another person in your settlement, since an ally ruling over Snotinghamscire is a guarantee. The choice is ultimately up to you, and there are no long-reaching consequences whatsoever. There’s plenty of opportunities to get close to Vili before this, by the way, which brings me to our final point.

AC Valhalla Vili Romance

The Vili romance in AC Valhalla can happen during the Under the Skin quest, which happens before “Farewells and Legacies.” So, it doesn’t rely on the AC Valhalla Vili or Trygve choice consequences. Best of all, you can romance Vili regardless of Eivor’s gender. Here’s how it works.

Once Vili and Eivor explore the mines, you’ll get the chance to chat with him in the camp. He will start reminiscing about the old times, and, when prompted, you should choose “Yes, I think about what could have been.” When presented with the next choice, pick “Yes, I want you too.” That’s all you have to do.

Unfortunately, the Vili romance in AC Valhalla is not exactly one for the ages. After the deed is done, both parties agree that this was just a fling. They will remain steadfast friends, however, so don’t worry about potentially ruining the relationship.

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