AC Valhalla Stench of Treachery Soma's Traitor - Birna, Lif or Galinn

After you complete the Glory Regained quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Soma will tell you there’s a traitor in her inner circle and new quest Stench of Treachery starts. She’ll show you a secret tunnel only her, Birna, Lif and Galinn knew about. You’ll need to go and look for those three, earn their trust and discover who was the one who sold them out to the Saxons. You’ll also have to scour the city and swamp looking for evidence. If you’re having trouble figuring out who betrayed Soma, our AC Valhalla Soma’s Traitor – Birna, Lif or Galinn guide will help you find out.

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ac valhalla soma's traitor birna lif galinn
AC Valhalla Soma’s Traitor – Birna, Lif or Galinn

Before you go talk to them, drop down into the tunnel. Head to the exit and you’ll find a splatter of yellow paint. Follow the trail of yellow paint down to the river, and you’ll find a bucket at an improvised landing spot.

Razing Earnningstone

For this quest, you’ll have to talk to Galinn, and help him destroy hamlets that are still loyal to Wigmund. The conversation before the raid is what’s important here. It’ll give you more insight into who he is, and his relationship with Soma.

  • How did you join Soma’s clan? Galinn will tell you about a volva sharing a vision with him, after which he ate only sacred plants, hoping for another hit, while his body slowly waned. Soma found him naked in the fens and took him in.
  • What do you think of Soma’s inner circle? He’ll tell you that Lif is a talented sailor, but he’ll also hint that he’s a bit too eager. He’ll criticize Birna’s laid-back attitude and lack of care for destiny.
  • Tell me about your vision. After you learn of his vision and inquire about it further, he’ll tell you how it involved climbing a mountain with a lion and a snake on his back. Soma appeared out of nowhere and helped him, and when they reached the peak, they gripped each other tightly and and stood on a point like the tip of a blade. He’ll mention how he thinks it’s his duty to protect Soma from the gods’ ire.

Storming Ravensburg

This quest involves talking to Birna, then invading Ravensburg and dealing with Wigmund’s forces stationed there. As before, it’s the pre-game conversation that will prove the most illuminating.

  • How did you join Soma’s clan? She’ll tell you about her time as a smuggler, until Soma took her in. She’ll also confess her love for Soma.
  • What do you think of Soma’s inner circle? She’ll talk about being attracted to Lif, but also about doubting his boasts of being honorable. She also thinks Galinn broods too much, but his self-importance amuses her.
  • Does Soma love you back? She realizes Soma doesn’t feel the same way about her, and she deals with it using humor.

Unholy Father

The last quest involves joining up with Lif and finding and assassinating a priest of Walden, a member of the clergy loyal to Wigmund. AS you’d expect, it’s the chit-chat before the murder party that’s relevant to your true mission.

  • How did you join Soma’s clan? He’ll tell you about how they came to England together, under Guthrum’s command. He’ll also mention how he regrets not stepping up when it was time for a new leader to ascend after Guthrum, how he thinks Birna isn’t as farsighted as she should be, and how Galinn is too much of a dreamer.
  • What is it like to be the master shipbuilder? He’ll talk about his trade, mentioning how some materials, like yellow paint, are prohibitively expensive. He’ll also mention how someone stole his yellow paint recently.
  • Do you agree with Soma being your leader? After he tells you how he wished he had the guts to step up to the task of being the steward of Grantebridge, you’ll be able to inquire further. He’ll tell you she’s a great leader, and that he’s sworn to her.

Stench of Treachery

Once you’re done with all the talking, you’ll return to Soma. If you’ve made up your mind about who the traitor is, you’ll be able to point your finger at them immediately. If not, Soma will suggest you look for evidence in the swamp, look for evidence in Grantebridge, and search the swamps for a yellow longship. These should help you decide.

No matter who you choose, Soma will cut their throat on the spot, without a moment’s hesitation. Whoever you choose, they’ll plead their innocence. The decision is yours alone – Soma won’t help – and there will be no confession. You better be sure before you start pointing fingers.

AC Valhalla who betrayed Soma?

It’s a tough choice, and the evidence is inconclusive. However, if you choose the wrong person, the real traitor will reveal themself after you deal with Wigmund by trying to kill the remaining suspect. So, in order to save an innocent life and avoid the heavy burden of guilt, you should accuse Galinn.

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  1. N

    If you search the village, in one of the houses you will find a recording by Galinn of one of his visions, where he references Soma, saying something along the lines of “two banners, struggling atop a cliff. One must fall.” Pretty key piece of evidence.

    1. A

      I chose galinn based on how he chose to murder the captain after soma told everyone not to. He had something to hide

    2. D

      what village are you referring to?

  2. B
    Brian long

    you do find the Long boat that the traders used literally right next to where you found gallin up the tower surrounded by wolves

  3. B

    I spent entirely way too long looking for this, and did not find it. I had an idea before I started the search but after collecting all this evidence I still was not convinced until I found the long ship. Again which took hours for me

    1. K

      I love that game doesn’t hand hold you.
      Thing is you just need to look near places where you rescued those 3 people. You don’t have to look anywhere else.

  4. R
    Ryan R Richardson

    As you’re getting to Wigmund in the monastery he says something about a raving pagan handing him the city on a plate.

  5. A

    No matter who I choose, Birna always get killed. I don’t know how this bug can be fixed. Tried reloading as far back as I can, choosing Leif as the traitor, and of course Galinn, but Soma always kills Birna. This is so damn annoying. Playing on Ps4.
    Please help.

    1. M

      Same issue xbox. Did you solve it?

  6. K

    1) Galinn was the only one found “alone” when being rescued.
    2) Galinn’s boat was painted yellow and was abandoned near (ish) where you rescue him.
    3) Galinn’s poem about his visions indicate that he believes either he or Soma must die – not both can live.
    4) One witness mentions Birna drinking before attack – so she couldn’t have led the Saxons.
    5) Another witness mentions Lif fighting the saxons in the attack.
    6) Only person with no alibi is Galinn.
    He has means, motive and opportunity.

    1. A

      Theres also a letter in one of the Saxon holdings in the area that literally says to not attack the ship painted yellow as it is the harbinger of victory and the only of the three ships with yellow paint on it is Galinn’s

  7. E

    So easy to assume gallin 100%

  8. J

    Come on, he makes a move and kills the only witness

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