Three Reindeer Antler Locations in AC Valhalla - Mild Hunt Quest

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Mild Hunt quest requires you to find three reindeer antlers and bring them back to the woman that gives you the mission. There are two potential problems here. The first one is that the woman tells you she needs deer antlers. However, she actually wants reindeer, so that’s pretty confusing. The second one is, of course, where to find AC Valhalla reindeer antlers. Well, that’s what we’ll be covering in our Three Reindeer Antler Locations in AC Valhalla – Mild Hunt Quest guide.

three reindeer antler locations in ac valhalla mild hunt quest
Three Reindeer Antler Locations in AC Valhalla – Mild Hunt Quest

Where to Find Three Reindeer Antlers in Mild Hunt AC Valhalla Quest?

To find three reindeer antlers in the Mild Hunt quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you need to look up north in the mountains, around Valka’s Hut. And yes, it is reindeer antlers, even though the woman that gives you the quest says “deer antlers.” Go into your inventory and find the little slip of parchment. When you highlight it, you’ll see that what you actually need to get. While we’re at it, here’s the location of the woman that gives you the Mild Hunt quest, in case you missed her. She’s in front of a cottage in the east of Fornburg.

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Anyways, as we’ve said, the area around Valka’s Hut is where you can find reindeer antlers Assassin’s Creed Valhalla early on. You’ll go there during the Seer’s Solace main quest, so don’t worry, you can’t miss the area. Once you get there, be sure to use your bird vision and scan around for reindeer. We found two of them in out first go-around, one to the east of the hut, and one to the west. Unfortunately, only one of them actually dropped an antler, so we’ll show you that location. However, there are more of them around the hut.

If you don’t find all three reindeer antlers for the AC Valhalla Mild Hunt quest, don’t worry. You can always go do something else and check back in later when the reindeer respawn. Alternatively, you can always restart the game and go back for more. Not that that’s an optimal solution, but hey, it can work.

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  1. P
    Pearson Scott Ksenich

    Anyone know if the woman stays in Fornburg or moves to Ravensthorpe? Did I miss my chance to complete this quest?

    1. L
      Lin Wok

      I am having the same issue

    2. S

      She’s standing up now. If you zoom into your map she is at a cabin about halfway between the horns and a lake to the east of that. I took a picture but you can’t post one on here is guess

  2. A

    Does anyone know where to fid her after you collect all of the antlers

    1. J

      I can’t find her to turn in the antlers

  3. D
    David Brooks

    The best place to get Raindeer antlers is south west of Readingham Abbey in Hamtunscire. Go just past the lake and the Raindeers spawn for fun. I just collected 13 antlers in 20 min. Now if only they would fix the Fishing Challenge. I spent 4 days tracking down all the fish. The only fish I have left to get are 2 big flat fish and 2 big mackerel after hours of searching I found a thread saying Ubisoft havent even put them in the game yet!! I’ve encountered numerous issues with this game and yet still enjoyed playing but hunting needs sorting out. How a viking cant harvest all the animal parts is a joke.

  4. B

    You can also just fast travel to the view point and the reindeer have usually responded by then and head back twords the hut.

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