AC Valhalla Spiritual Defense - Find & Light Firepits

Spiritual Defense is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s part of the Ostara festival, and it involves helping Alvis set up defenses in case spirits get attracted to all the sounds of merriment. To complete it, you’ll have to find and light eight firepits around Ravensthorpe. If you’re having trouble with this, our AC Valhalla Spiritual Defense guide will help you find and light the firepits.

ac valhalla spiritual defense find light firepits
AC Valhalla Spiritual Defense – Find & Light Firepits

Firepit locations

Alvis will send you to the first one and tell you to wait until it’s dark. After you light it, the remaining seven will be marked on the map. If you follow the markers, you should be able to find them without trouble. If you do get stuck, however, check out the images below – they’ll show you the exact locations of the firepits.

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Some players have reported not seeing the map markers even though they’ve selected the quest. It’s obviously a bug – if you experience it, make use of the pictures above. They show both the map marker locations, and the locations of the firepits themselves.

This is just one of the many activities you can take part in during the Ostara festival. There’s only one equally difficult quest, and it’s the egg hunt. That one even involves solving riddles, and there’s 15 baskets you’re supposed to find. The others are pretty laid back – drinking competitions and such.

You’ll earn tokens for completing them, which can then be used to buy new cosmetic items from the shop. These include tattoos, as well as hairstyles with laurels of white flowers. If that’s not worth a bit of grinding, I don’t know what is. We’ll keep playing through the new activities, and we’ll make sure to write guides for anything we get stuck on, so check back if you have any other problems.

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