AC Valhalla Egg Hunt Riddle Solution - Ostara Festival - Easter Eggs

The Egg Hunt in AC Valhalla is one of the quests that you can complete during the Ostara Festival. As the name implies, it’s a fun little side activity that has you scouring the town of Ravensthorpe looking for fifteen eggs. The problem here is that Alwin only gives you a handful of hints to help you; there are no clues as to where to find most of them. That’s why we’ve put together our Egg Hunt Riddle Solution AC Valhalla Ostara Festival – Easter Eggs guide to help you out and show you where they all are.

egg hunt riddle solution ac valhalla ostara festival
Egg Hunt Riddle Solution AC Valhalla Ostara Festival – Easter Eggs

AC Valhalla Easter Egg Hunt Ostara Festival Riddle

Upon starting the Egg Hunt activity in the AC Valhalla Ostara Festival, you’ll get a riddle from Alwin. It reads: “The hunt is on and the eggs are hidden. For most of them you’ll need your vision. Six of them will get a clue. The other nine will be up to you. When all fifteen eggs you have found, return them to Alwin, safe and sound.”

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As you might have surmised, you’ll get six riddles that give hints as to where some of the eggs are. The rest you have to find on your own. Honestly, to speed it up, we’ll just show you all the locations in the section below. Skip the need to solve riddles entirely, as it were. That said, here’s the text of each puzzle, just for reference.

  1. Riddle 1 – A symbol of conquerors to greatness they aspired. It stands now in ruin, their rule long expired.
  2. Riddle 2 – Old, new, and some long since rotten. Here they lie gone, not forgotten.
  3. Riddle 3 -Music merriment and mead abound. But keep your wits, there are eggs to be found.
  4. Riddle 4 – With a thunderous roar I carve the land. Go over me and you’ll find yourself with a fall unplanned.
  5. Riddle 5 – Lay down your arms, your battles done. Drink and feast till up comes the sun. A word to the wise, there’s more than one.
  6. Riddle 6 – Our door to travel and trade, it is vital to launch and raid.

Where to Find Hidden Easter Egg Locations – AC Valhalla Ostara Festival Egg Hunt Riddle Solutions

All the hidden egg locations in the AC Valhalla Ostara Festival Egg Hunt quest are scattered across Ravensthorpe. The game doesn’t throw you a curve ball and place an egg back in Norway or Valhalla or anything like that. Basically, you’re just running from one place to the next, using your Odin’s Vision and checking for eggs. Yes, the riddles will help a little; for example, the sixth one clearly points you towards the docks. But, yeah, just run around with Odin’s Vision on, and you’ll be fine. Here are all the locations.

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near the bridge

For those of you that prefer a little extra visual assistance, we’ve got a video below for you. That way, you can really see all the Ostara Festival egg locations, one by one. Good luck and happy hunting!

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