AC Valhalla Tombs of the Fallen Locations

AC Valhalla Tombs of the Fallen locations are special, secret places where you can find runes on rock walls. These runes, when interacted with, unlock whole new areas for you to explore and collect all sorts of treasures. However, the entrances to these tombs are hidden, and the game doesn’t mark them for you on the map. You have to roam the land and find them on your own. Or just keep reading this guide, because we’ll show you exactly where all the Tombs of the Fallen locations are.

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ac valhalla tombs of the fallen locations
AC Valhalla Tombs of the Fallen Locations

AC Valhalla Manius’s Sanctum Tomb of the Fallen Location

The location of the Manius’s Sanctum AC Valhalla Tomb of the Fallen is across the Nene River from Raventhorpe, right across the water from the place where you meet the NPCs that get you started with the tombs in the first place. So, just head south across the river and inspect the hillside. You’ll spot a large rune carved into it. When you interact with the rune, the whole side of the hill will disappear, allowing you access into the depths below.

where to find ac valhalla tombs of the fallen manius sanctum
Manius’s Sanctum

Boudicca Tomb of the Fallen Location AC Valhalla

The location of the Boudicca Tomb of the Fallen is way off to the east, in northern East Anglia. Specifically, look to the area between Brisleah Farm and Elmenham. You’ll see a small, round body of water in that general area. Head south of that “lake” and you’ll see a lone rock jutting into the air. The rune is at the base of the rock formation.

boudicca tomb of the fallen location ac valhalla
Boudicca Tomb

Venutius Tomb of the Fallen Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

To find the Venutius Tomb of the Fallen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, head to one of the fast travel points in southern Northumbria. To be more exact, we’re gunning for Anlaf’s Lookout, in Eurvicscire. The cliff wall with the rune is to the southwest of the lookout, about halfway down the cliff. It’s kinda hard to spot due to the snow, so make sure to use your raven to make seeing it easier.

Venutius Tomb

AC Valhalla Cassivellaunus Tomb of the Fallen Location

The location of the Cassivellaunus Tomb of the Fallen is in the north of Sciropescire, near the border with Northumbria. There’s a large rock wall east of Afon Hafren River. Use the screenshot below to see where to go, it’s a little hard to describe because it’s in the middle of nowhere. Use the raven to see where the rune is, because again, it’s kinda hard to see. Oh, and if you keep finding the Tomb Artifacts and don’t know what they’re for, check out our Tombs of the Fallen Artifacts – What to Do with Artifacts guide.

Cassivellaunus Tomb

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