AC Valhalla Transmog How to Change Appearance

Transmog in AC Valhalla is a new system that the developers are adding, and it will let you change the appearance of your armor and weapons. It’s a system very similar to the one in AC Odyssey, but it’s not exactly the same; the developers have added a few extra caveats. Namely, now you’ll have to pay for it, which is definitely not ideal, but oh well. We’ll explain all you need to know in our AC Valhalla Transmog How to Change Appearance guide.

ac valhalla transmog how to change appearance
AC Valhalla Transmog How to Change Appearance

How to Change Gear & Weapons Appearance – AC Valhalla Transmog

To change the appearance of your gear and weapons in AC Valhalla, you’ll have to use the Transmog system. It’s not available yet; you’ll have to wait until the Ostara update goes online. After it does, pay Gunnar’s shop a visit when you’re in Ravensthorpe next. He will change the look of your gear for 50 Silver a pop. To be more precise he can make one piece of gear or weapon look like another one in the same category. That’s a little confusing, let’s explain a bit more clearly.

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Say you find a new axe that you really fancy the look of, but you already have an axe with really good stats. Go to Gunnar, and he’ll be able to make the axe with good stats look exactly like the cool one. Same goes for armor pieces and other weapons. Changed items will have a little star mark in the inventory. In other words, you can now both look cool and have sick stats; you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. As long as you have the 50 Silver, that is.

So, that’s how you change the appearance of your gear and weapons using AC Valhalla Transmog. Now, I know what you’re thinking – this used to be free in Odyssey. Plus, you could do it at any time and at any place; you didn’t have to go to a special NPC. To that I say – yeah, you’re right. Direct any and all protests straight to Ubisoft.

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