AC Valhalla Viper Egg Location - Ledecestre World Quest Mystery

Viper eggs are items in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. They’re not something you’d ever expect to want or need, but there’s a world event in Ledecestre, where a woman asks you to bring her some. Being the helpful errand boy he is, Eivor gladly accepts. So now you’re stuck looking for snake eggs just because he can’t say no. If that’s the kind of predicament you’re in, this guide will show you AC Valhalla viper egg locations, to help you complete the Ledecestre mystery.

ac valhalla viper egg locations ledecestre world event mystery
AC Valhalla Viper Egg Location – Ledecestre World Quest Mystery

Snake egg locations

Viper eggs are obtained from snakes. Kill one, and there’s a chance an egg will drop. You can find snakes by breaking pots in dungeons and ruins, but that’s the slow way of completing this mystery. First off, make sure you deal with the snakes in front of her cave, by the river. Then you should look into finding a snake pit. It’s the saferest way, since you can deal with them using your bow, without risking a bite.

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ac valhalla where to find viper eggs

We’ve found two snake pits so far. The first one is a tiny bit south of Wycham, in Grantebridgescire. It’s the fast travel point west of the Isle of Ely monastery.

The second one is in Lunden, in the northwestern corner. There’s a fortress there called Crepelgate Fort, and one of the wealth locations in it is in the middle of snake pit.

That should be enough for you to complete the world event, but you’ll need more viper eggs down the line – there’s a hunting request that involves them and rewards you with a tungsten ingot, which is quite nice. If we discover any more useful locations like the ones above, we’ll be sure to update the guide. If you find a good farming spot for viper eggs, feel free to share in the comments.

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  1. M
    Maarten Schepens

    For the eggs you can go just outside of the pathway to the questgiver.
    Outside on your left and right follow the path close to the walls and you will find more vipers.
    On your left i had around 3 snakes – on the right i had like 6 more i could kill to get all of them

    1. J

      There are other vipers all around the shores of the water right outside her cozy place.

    2. M
      Matthew Cummings

      Yeah, that would have worked, but I killed most of them before I was sent to collect them lol

  2. K

    All you need to do is kill the vipers in the room and all the ones to the left and right outside on the riverbank. That’s all the eggs she needs!

    1. K

      Also, don’t forget the 2 by the hidden area where your reward awaits!

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